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THIS IS NOT FOR RECIPES but for useful craft ideas that enhance table-scapes/homes! I thought it would be nice to have a place to put things that may not fall into non-edible OR into "recipes" but add to both. Things like table settings, arrangements, easy holiday gifts, etc. There are tons of ideas out there and it would be nice to have an easy place to find ideas!

Areatha Daniels
Nov 26, 2013

Made my Own

This year has been financially tough, but it wanted a elegant white and gold Christmas. Low on cash I thought maybe, I could do some things on my own. This is my Christmas wreath I just finished. It cost $ 11.00 to make. At Michael's a wreath like this cost about $45- 50. I got everything except the metal ring from the Dollar Store. The butterflie is my personal reminder of my life's new beginning. Hope you like it, and give me more ideas .


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Tammy Moore
Nov 22, 2013

Kitchen Pretties!

Hi, I am just getting started in this group so I don't have a lot yet but I will let you know what I am about. I crochet pretties for the kitchen (and lots of other stuff too). I do potholders, aprons, potsies, hot caps, table runners, placemats, oven mitts, coasters etc. As soon as I can, I will get the pictures and patterns up for the stuff I have been making. Hope you all will enjoy them.