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This picture is from Santa Fe, red chili Ristras, we use them for decoration and or cooking...Dried Chili Pods...I know a lot of us here love south western cooking...Living in the south west we can't get by with out having a little green chili in our diet...So thought we could use a group where it is easier for everyone to access the Good Ole South West...We are going to have a great time swapping recipes...I hope everyone gets involved and post your favorite SW Recipes and daily activities....Everyone is welcome....Let's Have Some Fun!!!

JoSele Swopes
Apr 15, 2017


Everyone have a great Easter

JoSele Swopes
Apr 12, 2017

Back from the dead

Just to let you all know I am back had a lot of family issues that has gone down. Between myself and my mom.
So let's talk turkey everyone...

Brad Nichols
Oct 16, 2014

Hatch Chile Paste

Hi All,

Here is a simple way for those of us who don't have easy access to fresh Hatch chiles to make chile paste from the dried peppers. I keep these ice cubes in my freezer for year round use.


Hatch Chile Paste 'Ice Cubes'

Millie Johnson
Feb 6, 2014

Recipe for Love Contest

I've entered my Chicken Breast with a Spicy Orange Glaze. A delicious mix of sweet, spicy heat. Please drop by and vote. I would appreciate the support so much ! Thank you ! :)

Karen McClellan
Jan 3, 2012

authentic Cabo recipes

A friend of mine owns a restaurant in Cabo named Felix' World-Famous mexican & Seafood Restaurant. Although he is changing back to his original passion for the taco stand. Anyways, he has a web site and shares all of his recipes. He is a colorful hippie and if you click on recipes it will take you to each one of his salsa or other foods he serves. He also has a newsletter if you add your email and subscribe to it. He isnt fond of what he refers to as the Nazi Chefs on food tv. He doesnt belive anyone should have to invest in expensive equipment or food items to make perfectly good and authentic food. Hope you enjoy him as much as I do.

Roda Laser
Sep 26, 2011

I may not be from the South West, but I love the food of the SW!

My favorite recipes are those of the South West and Mexico. I love chilies of all varieties, both spicy hot and not so hot. This summer my garden patch didn't fair too well, but one jalapeno plant survived. It has produced several chili peppers that I have been enjoying. Hopefully next summer will be better. Until then, I will enjoy my one little plant. :)

Martha Robbins
Feb 28, 2011

this one is gotta be awesome

I am soooo excited to find this group,,, being breed, born, and rasied in NM and then living in TX for another 20 yrs, I love ANYTHING CHILI....

Nancy R
Feb 3, 2011

Best $2.00 Soft tacos in the world!

I went to a place called the Flying Burrito yesterday for lunch and I had the best shredded beef taco with green chili sauce. Now I am going to duplicate it if I can. I know the owner so he may give me the recipe. I tend to know the chef and owner at every restaurant we go to. It is helpful! HA!