The best receipt of Borsch

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The best receipt of Borsh
Borsch - the whole country supposedly written by Ukrainians, wanting to be seen in the kitchens of different people. Or a single borsch is not visible, in the skin masters of their own secrets of cooking. It is like making a savory Ukrainian borscht with beans and giving a cold fear - given in the matter.

Ukraine is famous for the whole world not only for its fat, but also for its wetting borscht. So what kind of Ukrainian lived a life without being bored with yoga? Recipes aren't getting any better! Skin regions, and then regions, their gentleman's skin is getting worse. It offers three unique recipes of borscht - traditional borscht with beans and meat, and also cold borscht, which perfectly savors in a light spectacle.

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Borscht with beans and meet:
- pork - 300-400gr;
- potatoes - 5-6 pcs;
- beet (one great, or two or three small);
- 1 carrot;
- baked white cabbage;
- beans 200 gr (can be taken as canned, so and so on);
- tomato paste - 2 st.p;
- salt, pepper, greens for the smell;
- water;
- sour cream for serving.
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