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This is a group for Southern cooks or anyone who enjoys great Southern Cuisine. Whether it's good old fashion country cooking,or Cajun and Low Country meals, then this group is for you. Share some of your favorite recipe links or just chat!

Brandy Male
Aug 7, 2016


Why are my potatoes coming out sticky or even gummy all of the time recently? Never had this issue before but every time I am getting heavy gluey mess or sticky for my cream or salad recipes...HELP please!

Tiege stucky
Aug 7, 2016

I'm new, but these Ribs are a Staple in the South...BEEF!!!!

The secret ingredient keeps everyone eating until they are gone. These are little steaks. Marty's Up to Your Elbows Barbeque BEEF RIBS!!!

Sherry Blizzard
Jan 4, 2016


I spent a week in Paris, TX visiting family over Christmas. Of course my brother had a fish fry and there was loads of catfish. Unfortunately, I didn't get my fix and once I got back home (Alaska) I had to buy catfish at Walmart and make more. I STILL didn't get my fix and went back yesterday and bought a 4 lb. box of the stuff. I'm thinking I should take it to work and fry it up for everyone for lunch today. What a great way to spend the first day back at school---no kids until tomorrow.

Rick Long
Dec 27, 2015

Wasabi And Horseradish Sauce/Dip

I love this sauce with prime rib or just about any kind of meat or fish! Wasabi And Horseradish Sauce/Dip

Brenda Dixon
Dec 20, 2015

Brunch Recipes that do not have to be baked at the last minute

I am having a Christmas Day Brunch for 16 people and need some recipes that can be cooked without needing the oven or cooked the day before. I already have 5 things that have to be baked and shuffled to keep them warm and can't accommodate another recipe that has be cooked the day of.

Rick Long
Dec 17, 2015

Ham Stock

Here is My ham stock Recipe Ham Stock

Susan Feliciano
May 13, 2015

Looking for a cake recipe

I don't know the name of it, but thought maybe some of you could help me out.
This cake is similar to a cheesecake, but made with more flour, I think, and is baked in a round pan and served in wedges. It can actually be eaten with the hand - it's rich, compact, and not too sweet. Pale creamy colored on top, lightly brown on the bottom. It may be one of those "makes its own crust" recipes.
I hope this is enough information for someone to suggest a recipe. :-)

Kim Biegacki
Feb 22, 2015

Request for side dishes to Enchilada's.....need six more side dishes.

Hi Everyone,

I am in a process of trying to redeem myself with my father. He loves when I make enchiladas but I haven't made him any for quite some time. So upon there arrival back to Ohio from... sunny Florida I plan on having 12 Monday's that will be "Enchilada Night with my Parents". I have the enchiladas all picked out and still working on a few recipes. I will have 3 beef enchiladas, 3 chicken enchiladas, 3 pork enchiladas, 2 vegetarian enchiladas and 1 seafood enchilada. ---- I have a excel spreadsheet I am working out each item that I need. Here are the six sides I have so far and need 6 more. Preferably no more rice dishes but something else. 5 of the recipes are from Just a Pinch and one is just box rice. I'll use it on one of the more complex enchiladas that I am making. --- I would like to have my list completed by the 1st of March. Thanks for all your help and input. xooxox
Mexican Rice
Zatarain's Yellow Rice --- this is just a box rice but is very tasty
Fiesta Rice Salad
Carmita's Cilantro Lime Rice
Mexicali Spoon Bread
Roasted Corn Mexican Style