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Rhonda O
16 hours ago

Enjoy Your Sunday Evening

I was busy today with chores.
It's such a Beautiful Evening, I am getting ready to go out and get the Fire Pit Going.
Spend some time with Rocky Cat.
77°. Perfect for me. Have not had the opportunity because of all the Hot weather and bad air quality alerts.
Stove Top Supper for One tonight. Sirloin Burger in brown onion gravy over rice, Carrots in chicken broth with cinnamon, honey butter. No salad greens on hand, but I had some grape tomatoes that needed using, cut up adding a mixture of bacon bits and seeds, mixed in some Buttermilk Ranch dressing. Works for me : )

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Rhonda O
Saturday at 6:48 PM

Always On Hand In My Refrigerator

Freshly brewed Ice Tea
Cold Beer

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Rhonda O
Saturday at 6:29 PM


It's All So Frustrating!

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Rhonda O
Friday at 9:11 PM

What's Going On Friday Night 7/10/2020

Have not had this in a while.
((( Burger and Fry Night. )))
It was not bad today, high 80's, no rain.
I am inside with the AC on. I like the cooler clean air for now.
Rocky went out after lawn care was finished.
He is in Dreamland for now. He will be up in a bit, wants to go out and snoop around.
Then he will be in my Face at 6:30 AM.
Someone in the area is setting off Fireworks! Must be a special occasion?

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Rhonda O
Wednesday at 8:51 PM

Funny Blast From The Past

I remember Pink and Blue TP.
I remember visiting my Great Grandmother, her bathroom always smelled good.
White Cloud Toilet Paper had a sent and also Safeguard Bar Soap.

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Rhonda O
Monday at 7:04 PM


Of course I found this on FB.
It seemed like a good conversation starter.
I have not bought a complete stranger a meal.
But not too long after my Husband passed, I was asked by a young African American man if I would buy him a Hotdog while I was putting Gas in my car at a Marathon. So I said hold on. Being alert. He was not near me! So I gave him $5.00, and said get something to drink also. I have been approached 2 different times in the Wal-Mart Parking lot by women. One needing money to put gas in her car to travel to Evansville, IN, for her Fathers Funeral. Then another woman asked for Bus Fare to Louisville to get away from her husband, they had been fighting and he pushed her down and she had a gash on her head.
I gave them $20. Am I weak? I am not wanting for anything.

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Rhonda O
Friday, Jul 3 at 7:44 PM

FRIDAY NIGHT 7/03/2020

I made a Chicken and Rice Casserole from The Back Of Heinze Homestyle Gravy.
Added frozen Broccoli and Carrots. My own spices. Sorry JAP, it was easy.
It's hard cooking for ONE! I tend not to keep a lot of fresh vegetables, because they go bad before I can use.
And I am also trying to use up items in my freezer, that need to be used. You all get it.
Such a Hot day to have the oven on. But I have the AC on So good.
A little Lettuce, Tomato, Cottage Cheese Salad on the side.
My Cousin Jason texted me earlier. My Aunt Debbie was being rushed to the Hospital, from the Nursing Home.
have not heard back from him.
My Lawn Man did a good job on such a Hot day with my lawn and trimmed up my Pom Pom Junipers.

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