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Captain Kangaroo was the inspiration for this Group.
I remember watching him when I was a child.
He read the story of Stone Soup many times.
A Place Where You can Add Anything To The Pot.
Let's Create A Perfect Stew.
You can add anything to the soup.
Share a Picture, Start a discussion, Whatever you choose.

Rhonda Onstott
Aug 6, 2019


My friend from Florida told me about these today on the phone.
When I shop I go with a list, rarely looking at anything that's not on my list.
You can put veggies in with spices or sauce and steam. Her family eats very healthy.
She is a nurse and married to a Cardiologist, they use only Grapeseed Oil.
They give you directions on how to fix the food.
I will go to Wal Mart tomorrow to pick up some if they have them?
I have to go anyway. I am picking up a new prescription for my Blood Pressure.
Side effects from my current medicine, Lisinopril has been causing me to have a cough that was taking over my life. So hopefully the new medicine will be better.
Some of you may have already tried these.

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Rhonda Onstott
Aug 5, 2019


I finished up on the Master Bedroom Project yesterday.
I worked hard. Washing down doors, baseboard, cleaned floors, mopped.
Added some décor. My Brother and his wife will be hear on the 15th.
I am looking forward to their visit. They have not been home since 2008.
I know I have been going on about this for a while. I have never been able to Host anyone. Until 2012. My world changed in a Big Way under sadness and loss.
My dear Dad passed away at 75 yrs. old. I received his house. He provided for me very well after his passing. My Brother is my half brother. He has a different Father.
I feel very blessed. I worked hard in Manufacturing for 30 years. So I was able to retire after my husband passed in 2017. Living alone now I still watch my Budget!
After the remodeling was done on the house and we moved in, My husband and I were in the kitchen. I washed my hands and dried on one paper towel. He said use 2!
We lived very frugally many years in One Bedroom Apartments.
It was difficult at times.
Now they have the 1/2 paper towels. I am glad : )

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