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Captain Kangaroo was the inspiration for this Group.
I remember watching him when I was a child.
He read the story of Stone Soup many times.
A Place Where You can Add Anything To The Pot.
Let's Create A Perfect Stew.
You can add anything to the soup.
Share a Picture, Start a discussion, Whatever you choose.

Rhonda Onstott
Oct 8, 2019

October/ Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I have an appointment tomorrow at the Hospital to have a
Mammogram. Recommended by my PCP back in May.
All woman need to do this. I have not did this for many years.

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Rhonda Onstott
Oct 7, 2019


I never received an allowance.
My parents provided for me.
I had clothes and shoes.
Always had food to eat.
What Mom fixed I ate it.
But back then, we did not have designer clothes or shoes.
When I was in High School I got $2.00 a day for lunch
Because we were allowed to go off school grounds to have lunch.

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Rhonda Onstott
Oct 6, 2019

Ramblings on SUNDAY NIGHT

I stayed busy today.
Did make my Classic Cheeseburger and Fries for Supper. Very Chefy of me. LOL!
Did not think we would get anymore rain than the light drizzle we had this morning.
But to my surprise we HAVE RAIN! It has been so long I forgot how it feels.
My cat Rocky is not happy. He has to stay in tonight. No hunting for creatures tonight.
I have a window open near me just to hear it fall on my walkway.
Enjoy your Sunday Night.

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Rhonda Onstott
Oct 4, 2019


Our temps have cooled off BIG TIME.
Oh` how I would love to have my Fire Pit going.
But we have a burn ban, Don't want to get fined :(

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Rhonda Onstott
Oct 3, 2019


Heck Yea! Just cold between white bread. I have had it.

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