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Captain Kangaroo was the inspiration for this Group.
I remember watching him when I was a child.
He read the story of Stone Soup many times.
A Place Where You can Add Anything To The Pot.
Let's Create A Perfect Stew.
You can add anything to the soup.
Share a Picture, Start a discussion, Whatever you choose.

Rhonda Onstott
an Hour Ago


I received my result's for the Mammogram last evening.
I received an Email from my hospital that I had a message.
So signed in and read the results.
Even though I was not having any problems.
My Female Doctor recommended it.
And it was on my mind. What If?
Now it did say I have dense tissue because of low BMI.
May be harder to detect. I have no family history of Breast Cancer.
I am Happy. But will be sure to get checked every year!

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Rhonda Onstott
2 Hours Ago


I am a very clean cook.
I try. But you never know?

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Rhonda Onstott
Tuesday at 7:18 PM

October/ Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I have an appointment tomorrow at the Hospital to have a
Mammogram. Recommended by my PCP back in May.
All woman need to do this. I have not did this for many years.

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Rhonda Onstott
Monday, October 7 at 8:20 PM


I never received an allowance.
My parents provided for me.
I had clothes and shoes.
Always had food to eat.
What Mom fixed I ate it.
But back then, we did not have designer clothes or shoes.
When I was in High School I got $2.00 a day for lunch
Because we were allowed to go off school grounds to have lunch.

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