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The Photo of the Day features beautiful and stunning photos from around the world. This page is updated daily (well, almost daily) with a new photo. Sunsets, Sunrises, Landscapes, Flowers, Wildlife, and more interesting photos for you to enjoy.

I try to include the location of the photo if known but sometimes the photographers sharing these photos don’t include the location. I hope you enjoy seeing the photos that these photographers have shared.

Please feel free to share your photos here, whether your own or photos you might have come across on the Internet. I've heard from several members that they look forward to seeing some of these fascinating locals from around the world.

Renée G.
23 Hours Ago

Wish Upon A Star - Photo of the Day

Star Light, Star Bright -Photo by Casey Horner.

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Renée G.
Sunday at 10:05 AM

Swim At Your Own Risk - Photo of the Day

Location Unknown -Photo by Karl Bewick

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sallye bates
Sunday at 9:47 AM

Prayers are okay everywhere

Cities 3rd Place
Photo and Caption by Sandipani Chattopadhyay / National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest | STREETS OF DHAKA

People pray on the street in Dhaka, Bangladesh during Ijtema. Bishwa Ijtemais one of the major Islamic religious gatherings which is [observed] annually in Dhaka and millions of Muslims visit [during this time]. Dedicated prayer grounds are not [large] enough to handle this huge number of people, so large numbers of people come to [Tongi], the main street of Dhaka. All the ground transportation and [pedestrian crossings] are suspended during that time.

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Renée G.
Saturday at 8:44 AM

Crane, Searching for Breakfast -Photo of the Day

A large, white bird hunting in a savannah somewhere in Florida, USA. - Photo by Dick Pratt

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Joey Wolf
Friday at 9:04 PM

OOPS! My bad

The previous post is week 1, THIs is week 2.

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Joey Wolf
Friday at 8:52 PM

Week 2

2 weeks ago today, the Mississippi River ran over our levee and dumped approx. 55 million gallons of river in 8 blocks of our village. Most of this area, is vacant; but a few folks living along the edges were affected. 4 pumps are removing about 1 million gal per day.

The sad thing, this could have been completely prevented with 20-30 sandbags.

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Renée G.
Friday at 9:07 AM

Clear Water - Photo of the Day

Strathcona Provincial Park, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. -Photo by Lesly Derksen.

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