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As the weather cools, the feel of the Holidays begin. I think a great thing to do is to have a sort of goodie swap meet. What goodies do you have in line to fix for Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course the BIG ONE Christmas? Be sure to give the complete name of recipe so it can be found in the search section. Candies, Cookies and, of course, Cakes.

I always line up my recipes as to what I am going to do, then head to the grocery store for all supplies. When you get ready to cook all supplies are on hand.

Let's see who will be the first!!!!!

Julia Ferguson
Feb 6, 2014

Recipe For Love contest

Hey Everyone,
I have entered my Eggnog French Toast recipe in the Recipe For Love contest here on JAP. I would appreciate any and all votes. Thanks so much for all your support.

Carol Parkhurst
Dec 24, 2013


Posted 9:14 PM on Mon, Dec 23, 2013
Carol Parkhurst mscarole

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Anita Buchanan
Jun 19, 2013

Its a tradition.....

I joined this group for two reasons. One I love baking and second, its a tradition to get with my daughters and make Holiday goodies. We havebeen doing this since my three daughters were toddlers standing in chairs watching me doing it. They now have families of their own and are passing the tradition to their children.
I'm looking forward to new recipes as to pass down to the new generation...

Letizia Tripp
Sep 30, 2012


hi , i am fairly new member to JAP . i belong to 9 groups already . i just joined this one cause i want to get some good recipes for christmas cookies .,.i love to bake cookies with my grandaughter around the holidays . but i really need more recipes . i absolutely love this site . !

kay d
Aug 21, 2012

cookie baking season

there is starting to be a chill in the air in the morning and evening and that means we are getting close to holiday baking excited to see what y'all are gonna make and try some new recipes

Helen Hevener
Aug 24, 2011

Christmas cookies

I always make tons of cookies at Christmas time- in a few months will be that time of year again!!! Iam hoping to start postimg some cookie recipes for some very special christmas cookies- one recipe was one I had from my grandmother for for OLD FASHIONED SUGAR COOKIES- very very good- and another one was for Peaunut Butter Thumb Print Cookies- with a hershey kiss int he middle!!!! Love baking and love Christmas- now if I could just find somebody that likes to clean the kitchen up!!! LOL

Muna Escobar
Aug 19, 2011

New Group

I though it would be neat to start a group where we can gather and share recipes that call for whole grains. Adding more whole grains to our diet is so important. I use freshly ground flour and I know there has to be more out there that do too or have the desire to. Please join us and share some of your best whole grain recipes.

It is called Whole Grains

Lauren Perkins-Boyd
May 27, 2011

Blue Ribbon Recipe!

I won my second blue ribbon today for my Grilled Chicken Sandwiches W/ Cilantro Lime Mayo. Check it out, it's quick and healthy but above all else it's GOOD!