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A place for all of us to share information and tips on healthy, mindful living, holistic medicine, medicinal foods, alternative/Eastern medicine, anything that is uplifting for the soul, and good for the body, mind and spirit! Please only post recipes that you consider to be healthful.

Amy Herald
Friday at 10:29 AM

Make it Count Today!

Hey health nuts! Hope everyone's having a fantastic Friday! We made it! So my official weigh in day is today and... drum roll... I lost a grand total of 5.4 pounds this week!!!! New weight 159.2 total weight loss 16.8 pounds since Sept. 1st. I broke 160 for the first time in 3 years! This clean eating stuff is really something!
I'm about to go shopping. A dear friend gave me a $50 gift card to Value World. I'm thinking of donning the mask and heading over there. I haven't been in ages. I also have to stop at the donation center for the veteran's and drop some things off. They haven't done pick ups since February. Always good to clean and clear space every so often! What are you all up to today? Hope you're making it count in whatever way is meaningful to you!

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Amy Herald
Wednesday at 12:03 PM

Time to Get Serious!

Good afternoon Health Nuts! A month and a half ago, I decided to really step up my healthy lifestyle, and make some serious changes to what I put into my body. I cut out, creamy (high fat) sauces, fried foods, high calorie desserts (anything over 400 calories a serving) no red meat or pork, just poultry, beans and fish. I've grown rather fond of turkey sausage! I try to limit my sugar intake (both added and naturally occurring sugar) to about 24 grams per day. I still eat dairy, eggs, most carbs, like potatoes, rice, pasta, and bread. I eat nuts, seeds, fruits, veggies, beans, fish and poultry, but I try to get the right amounts of each food in a day. I've also switched to a lot of organic and good quality food where I can afford to make the change. I do use oil, butter and any fat that doesn't have trans fats, but sparingly and I keep my calories below 1500 most days with very little effort. Within those limits, I eat whatever I feel like eating in a day, whenever I feel like eating it. I've lost 12.2 pounds in the last month and I feel amazing! It sounds like a lot of effort, but it literally feels effortless, since I hardly count anything, I impulse eat when I feel like it, and gasp... I even snack at night... ALOT! The cottage cheese totally happened in bed at 11:30 pm last night while I was watching Netflix. As for the "forbidden" foods, like beef, pork and fried foods, they're not really forbidden, I just limit them to no more than once per month. This is what I ate yesterday. I literally didn't plan a thing. Just ate what was in the house that I felt like eating at whatever time I felt like eating it. The amounts are eyeballed, not actually measured, but as someone who dieted off and on since I was 10, I'm pretty good at eyeballing portions. I came it at 1380 calories and pretty balanced according to my Samsung Health App.

Breakfast: 1 slice of Light whole grain Toast with Mashed avocado, (seasoned with fresh lime juice & cilantro) orange slices, 2 cups of coffee with fat free half & half

Lunch: 1/2 Vegetarian Mexican Pizza, a Pear, 2 cups Spinach salad with calorie free raspberry vinagrette dressing, and Herbal Tea to drink

Dinner: 1 cup Penne Pasta with roasted veggies & grilled chicken, 1/2 cup of spaghetti squash with marinara sauce and 1 cup of Progresso Italian Wedding soup, and about 3 Tablespoons of fresh parmesan cheese on top of all of it.

Snack #1: A chocolate banana shake: (1 cup Skim milk, 1 frozen banana, 1 Tbsp. dark cocoa, 1 Tbsp. honey, 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract)

Snack # 2: 6 cups of air popped popcorn seasoned with Himalayan pink salt and turmeric a spray of olive oil cooking spray just to make the salt stick.

Snack #3: 1/2 cup Good Culture Low Fat Cottage Cheese (this brand has very straight forward ingredients and delicious!)

Amy Herald
Tuesday, Oct 20 at 12:23 PM

Just saying Hello!

Good afternoon Health Nuts! I hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday so far!

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Amy Herald
Oct 16, 2020

Inner Peace

Good morning Health Nuts! So do you ever feel like you're doing amazing and then you wake up one day and you're just feeling a juicy cheeseburger and staying in your pajamas all day. That's me today! I'm determined not to let it get me down though! I will power through! I feel so much better for it. Hope you all are having a beautiful day! And here's a great thought for the weekend!

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Amy Herald
Oct 15, 2020

Good Morning.

Good morning Health Nuts! (Oh, I guess it's afternoon already!) I hope everyone's having a beautiful day so far! I've lost a half a pound this week, not a lot, but every little bit adds up! Not much going on today. I'm working on a nonfat, no sugar, whole wheat doughnut recipe. Pretty good so far. I think I may want to tweak it a bit more. Always having fun in the kitchen. It's pretty rainy and cool out today. I think I will make a big pot of turkey and barley soup for dinner! I keep trying to eat clean and healthy... not too rigid though. You've gotta enjoy your food! It's good to know how to cook when eating a healthy diet. It really helps! My boss just called and cancelled all my shifts this month. This Covid situation has really messed me up with work. I stay, thinking it's got to pick up at some point right? As of now, I have no shifts until Christmas! We're fine. My income is supplemental, so we notice it's gone, but we can pay our bills and manage on just his income, so I'm not letting it get to me... it's just a really long vacation, I'm one of the lucky ones! Anyway, what are you all up to today? Whatever that may be, show kindness because you never know what a difference it can make in someone's day!

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Amy Herald
Oct 7, 2020

Hello out there!!!!

Good afternoon health nuts! How's everyone's Wednesday so far? I'm just busy in the kitchen canning lots of black beans and garbanzo beans. I did white beans a couple of weeks ago so we should have lots of nice healthy beans for the winter! What are you guys up to today?

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Amy Herald
Oct 2, 2020

A Few of My Favorite Things

Good afternoon Health Nuts! Okay so my new favorite thing, well I don't think it's new, but new to me is the Very Well Fit websites Recipe Calorie and Nutrition calculator. These have probably been around for a while, but I've never used one before! This thing is great! It really helps me to be more mindful about my calorie intake! It's awesome! Here's a link to it. Give it a try!

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Amy Herald
Oct 1, 2020

Good Morning!

Good morning health nuts! So I'm happy. I've lost 10 pounds during the month of September. I hope I can do as well in October. I have 30 pounds to go to get back to goal! Sometimes keeping it off is the hardest part! Not much going on on this beautiful October day. I'm going to do a little light house keeping and just try to enjoy the day! What are you all up to today?

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