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Sep 1, 2011

Hi Everyone


I decided about a year ago to make a cookbook. My grandmother had stumbled upon all of my great-grandmother's recipes that had been lost for over 13 years. I decided to use her recipes as well as many others to create a cookbook so that my family would not have to suffer through losing such priceless items ever again. I hope I can complete it before my grandmother's health declines too much. It would be a great gift for her so I have been trying to work very hard on it. It is rather hard to find time with running my own business and having 2 young kids but I really want to be able to give her this gift.

Jul 21, 2011

cbkldy would like to write and finish my cookbook

how do i go about putting one together,,,started one about 20yrs. ago...want to retire so i can finish it????? i have well over a 1000 cookbooks and recipes that i've copied and gotten from friends/family and would like to put it altogether,,,have well over 500+ household hints, me someone,,,would like to down size my recipes!!! thanks all

How Does?

How does a person go about making their own cookbook? I have soooo many recipes the book would be huge..:).

tiffani ross
Jan 25, 2011

did my own cookbook

hi every one my name is tiffani, my 8 yr. old son wanted to do a cookbook of his own. he is a childhood cancer survivor and wanted to give back to the children's miracle network, along with helping to raise money for other sick kids. with the help of myself and his grammy (my mom) we did it. the cookbook has over 550 recipes in it, and everybody who bought one just loves it. if anyone would like one let me know. they are $15 for the book and $5 shipping. it will also help you to do your own.

Elsie Perrett
Jan 18, 2011

Creating cookbooks

I have been working on a family cookbook for a few years, but got a bit discouraged when my old computer crashed (struck by lightning) and wiped out the whole project. My backup disc would not work on the new computer.
I'm ready to try again if I can find a good website publisher that will start me out with the software. I have used Cookbooks by Morris Press in the past, when I did a community heritage cookbook as a fundraiser for a community development group I belonged to. If I find out any more information about how to get published,I will share.

Traci Coleman
Jan 16, 2011

Pet Corner

Everyone -
Just letting you know that "Pet Corner" is a new group for sharing pet stories and recipes.

I hope you'll join me there!