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Patti Jones
Aug 5, 2013

jalapeno cheese hot dogs

hello everyone & happy august!
i love hot dogs.i live in NJ and i was a purchasing agent for school foodservice for 11 years. one of the fun and often tedious parts of my job, was attending food shows to see new products available for school lunches. i would attend an annual food show put on by USFoodservice. it was held in Atlantic City and was really a great food show. all types of foods not just school related. i always visited my usual brokers/sales reps that i dealt with all year. we would meet on a regular basis, so i knew what their products were. i had a friend named jim webb and he was the rep for Berks Hot Dogs. i always stopped at his booth and had a hot dog to enjoy while seeing any new products. Well, one year I went and there he had a beef jalapeno cheese dog! i tried it and felt like i died and went to heaven. we could not use these in schools but boy they were good. i contacted my USFoods rep and ordered a case for myself for home use. on the grill in the summer on a nice soft bun WOW!! now that i am no longer at that job, i have trouble finding this product locally. if we travel to the lancaster, pa area, berks hot dogs are a staple and i buy some and stock up. now a local IGA store carries them, but only in the summer! i buy a few packages when i frequent there and enjoy them during the summer, after that, they are gone until next summer, definitely a seasonal item! love them and if you have the chance, try one sometime, well worth it~

Straws Kitchen
Apr 16, 2013

Hot Dog...

The Hubs and I just had them today for lunch!!!
We both love hot dogs every way you can think of.

Today we boiled the dogs in a pot on top of the stove....laid our buns on top of a steamer disk, covered with a steamer lid, on top of the pot.
Steaming the buns, while the dogs were boiling and creating all that wonderful steam.

Doing them this way they taste just like you are eating a hot dog at a those steamed buns.

Last week when I did this, we had homemade chili on them when we ate.
Sometimes we just put catsup, onion and shredded cheese on top of them....maybe a bit of sweet-pickle relish too.

Connie Bussey
Jun 4, 2012

HEY This is my old group from MB

I didn't know it moved here YAY ... Except my last name is Bussey, I got married last year to my boyfriend of 22 years ...

Lynn Socko
Oct 23, 2010

Hotdogs Rule!

I was in on the discussion group "Remember When" & telling them that my best friend back in grade school wouldn't spend the night with me because "all you ever eat is weiners". That was my favorite food foreeeeeever! I still love a dog chili dog, my husband's favorite is Sweet Italian, & my son Brats.