Great German Recipes to Share

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If you have some awesome German Recipes you want to share with others. You are in the right place for doing so and or want to share some stories and have some fun. If you have ever lived in Germany or just visited Germany I am sure everyone to include myself would love to hear about it. I am apart of a military family and have lived in Germany plus am family background of German. Come on in and sit a spell have some cäfféé mitt schlag and join in the conversation. All that is asked is that we all follow the school rules, and have some fun. Let's all haben zee Deutsche fun.

JoSele Swopes
Aug 13, 2017

Hi everyone

Hi to everyone from me to you I am inviting anyone who is interested in joining the group for a good time and a few laughs. The picture is a stock picture because it would not let me add mine from my recipe. So, here is my recipe and a story regarding it I hope you enjoy.

Rothenburg Schneeballen (Snowballs)