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Olive Grey
May 17, 2017

school choice system

These at are really great points, but it should be considered that the argument here is basically that in a school choice system, disadvantaged students are left behind. We should also consider that the public school system is also disadvantaging students who can excel or who have excellent potential to become leaders and shape their community by trapping them in sub-par public schools, but I digress.

And as experts with claim, experience in school voucher schools that currently exist will be difficult to use to assess the effectiveness of this system because an overwhelming number of students are in public schools compared to private schools--thus, every private school has no incentive to reach out to poorer or disabled students because those students will go to a public school anyway. For example, if you were selling superb pancakes with cherries and syrup, and a nearby government restaurant was giving away mediocre pancakes for free, where would your customers go, especially if they were short on cash? They'd take the mediocre service. The difference here is that we're talking about kids and their futures, so it's imperative that we use a system where schools have every incentive to bring in as many students as possible and have the highest success rate among the students to attract more students. If every student is given the same amount of money, the incentive is to attract as many students as possible to make as much money as possible, not to ignore disabled or disadvantaged students.

I could always get into how teacher's unions have purchased legislators and lobby the government to put more money into schools so they can make more money and buy more legislators while pretending to care about kids, but we should stick to the logical reasoning instead: if every single student is given the same amount of money to choose a school, why wouldn't a private school want to have as many students as possible attend that school, including disabled/disadvantaged students?