Old Fashioned Home Grown Food

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I grew up eating everything cooked from scratch and raised my children the same way.
So this group is a anything goes Scratch Group. Plus it gives us a chance to swap and talk. Let's make it a friendly group non of the bullying or they will be ousted....
We all just want to have fun....

JoSele Swopes
Apr 14, 2017


I am planning to do a pot of Anasazi Bean's next week with Tortilla's. So what is everyone doing for Easter... We are going to a BBQ besides our annual ritual. It is supposed to be 78* so it is going to be a beautiful day

JoSele Swopes
Apr 12, 2017


Everyone is welcome here... Have a sit and kick your shoes off and put your feet up.
Let's have a cup a cup and talk about it all.