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While looking at all the groups listed there was not one for SAHM's. I have 3 younguns, 4, 2 and almost 6 months. Would love to see how many other SAHM will join.

merry Christmas to all

Hello from NC, I am home for the next 14 days, and believe me my family has a mommy cook this list as long as i am tall starting with Christmas dinner and working all the way to new years. I started today with the cinnamon impressions. My grandson made his mom and dad a foot print and a hand. we are going to paint them tomorrow. just a little white wash dip in flour paste. so they will show his prints but still smell the house up with cinnamon. i just got done with my cherry salad. that is going to be the center piece for my table. as this is my families favorite holiday treat. next on to the pies. Sunday Amish bread. all 14 loaves Monday is potatoes pealed and diced and green bean casserole and nibble corn as my grand son puts it. more later but again Merry Christmas from NC. and the Kelley family.

i am on a no bake kick

ok mom's how many of us like a hot oven on a hot afternoon when we know the kids are going to come running in any minute and scream they are hungry. i am back on the road but looking for all the no bake recipes i can put together. i love to try new recipes and the no bake,easy makes are great for me on the truck or when i am at the terminal and want to make the other male drivers drool. also the no bake,easy make recipes keeps my hubby in the kitchen and off the computer and those nasty online games. lol sorry hubby after twenty years i still hate when i loose you to a game. lol any way help me out girls and guys. i will start us off with a no bake,easy make just check me out. bye for now from Ia on our way to ky for the morning.

Jeri Harrison-Grace
Sep 12, 2012


This sounds like a good group to start with. Even though I have been a memeber for almost a year. I never have taken advantage of the site. Well NO MORE! I am here now. I am a sahm of older children(15 & 18) both still in highschool and boys. How many other mommy's out there are like me? And I love to see young mommies with thier lil ones! SO ccute!!! thanks for reading.

not a sahm but hubby is a sahd so i join this for him

ok here the thing, my husband is the stay at home person and has been for the past 16yrs. it just works for us. one of the things he cooks ahead is a tater tot casserole that freezes nice and is great on those got a 2 hours to cook,eat and go nights. check it out at my kitchen.

Jennifer Horn
Sep 16, 2010

Freezer Meals

I am a sahm, but I love to have things ready in the freezer for nights that I'm just too tired to prepare a full meal. I love to cook ground beef with onions, pepper, and seasonings and freeze it on baking sheets. It is so easy to toss some meat into a crock pot with some veggies and make a great soup. I would love to hear more about what other moms do to make their lives easier.