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Scarlet Kleen
Apr 8, 2016

The Recipe for Writing an Essay

To do the job right you only need four ingredients:
    knowledge into particular topic
    (some) writing skills
And simply following these pretty simple and well-known directions about which we humans forget because we tend to overcomplicate things and look for answers when they are right under our noses.
    1. If you weren't given a topic, choose one but not simply any one but an interesting and controversial topic.
    2. Start doing a research into the topic. Write out notes that may come in handy and/or some interesting facts. Also, make sure the sources are relevant to the topic. Well, in fact you don't need many but those who have something to say about the topic.
    3. Now, start brainstorming some ideas. You can create a mindmap to help you through this process.
    4. This step is very important since you are creating a thesis statement on which the whole essay will be based. So think carefully about your attitude towards the discussed topic and what stand you would like to take. And to make your thesis work choose a strong one.
    5. Write a plan to help you stay organized.
    6. Now start writing an introduction (here you state your thesis statement), a body (here you prove your thesis) and a conclusion (and here you restate your already proven thesis statement).
    7. Don't forget about proofreading.
Well, it may look a little bit complicated but in fact it isn't. The keynote to writing isn't writing skill but your attitude towards it. As long as you enjoy what you do, you will succeed. Just set your mind to it and have fun.


Scarlet Kleen
Apr 8, 2016


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