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I wanted a group of my own so that I Post pictures of Art and maybe learn something in the Art Of Cooking. Art covers so many areas that I feel it needed a group of it's own. So if it's Art Related then your in the right group.

Please stay on the subject and be nice & have a good time.

Rhonda E
Nov 20, 2016

What are those birds called?

The ones that fly around and wait for prey!

Rhonda E
May 31, 2016

No Internet No JustAPinch

I don't have internet anymore so I can't post or look up recipes anymore.

Rhonda E
Apr 6, 2016

Award with a bite taken out of it!

I just got my Blue Ribbon in the mail for Pancake Almondine and took it out of the package and the Award got a bite taken of the corner. Lol I accidently tore it holding onto the package, but I thought it was neat with the bite.

Thanks for the Ribbon Just A Pinch!

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Rhonda E
Mar 25, 2016


What an explosive day! I'll just protect myself with this picture so we won't have any feedback. Meanwhile Boom!