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This group is for all you adventuresome folks out there who have taken up using a "Hot Air Fryer" It's a much healthier way to fry your food and we all love the taste of fried food. Now you can have it and not feel guilty about eating it!

Jo Zimny
Jan 2, 2016

What Type Of Hot Air Fryer Do You Have?

There are a few different brands out there on the market. The one I have is a Farberware Hot Air Fryer. It has a basket inside with holes on the bottom and air fins along the side of the basket for air circulation. I love the way it cooks food and it's very fast. I think this is a fabulous way to get that deep fried taste without the oil. I've made some mighty tasty things in this machine, but I think BBQ'D Chicken legs are my all time far! Hot Air Fried Polenta Rounds