Kids in the Kitchen

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My name is Abby and I am 10 if your a kid that likes to be in the kitchen this is a place for you.

Hello kids! This is Abby's mom, jean johnson, I am a member of "just a pinch" also. I will be monitoring this group also to make sure safety is a priority along with having fun,learning and sharing yummy recipes! Have fun!!!

Anna B.
Feb 8, 2014


This recipe takes boredom out of eating applesauce! Amazingly easy to make and super fun to eat.
Frozen Applesauce Drops

Anna B.
Jun 20, 2013


Do you buy drinks for your kids or do you make them? I prefer making them. Two of my favorites are Wonderfall Apple Drink and Hot Pomegranate Tea

Kimi Gaines
Jan 13, 2013

Fun Kid Projects

I found this site and thought you should check it out!!

Kimi Gaines
Jan 13, 2013

When I was a Pre-School Teacher

Hi Girls,

I was a Pre-School teacher and wrote a recipe book called "Kid's In The Kitchen", also "The ABC's of Cooking." Never had them published...ugh...but while teaching once a week we would cook according to the alphabet. It's been so long ago and I can't remember a lot of the stuff. I'm glad I found the group. I have 3 great nephews and when we get together we cook and make crafts.

Also, Pampered Chef used to have a cookbook just for kids. I used a lot of their recipes. Gold Medal Flour has a kids cookbook too.

Abby Johnson
Jan 6, 2013



Dale Stanley
Oct 2, 2012

Meals By Miles

My 10 year old son wants to be a chef. He was given a play kitchen on his first birthday and since hasn't stopped cooking. He is resolute in going to culinary school when he grows up.

"Meals by Miles" is his youtube show. I'll share some links in the comments.

tiffani ross
May 20, 2011

new group

Hey everyone I started a new group called spookly fun halloween goodies. please stop by and share some spooky good treats, drinks and tips I thought this would be a great way to get kids involved.

Tracy Hunter
May 1, 2011

kid at heart

i am a mom of 2 girls and am always looking for ways to get them involved in the kitchen and i am looking forward to sharing my kid friendly recipes as well as seeing what i can learn from this group:)