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You can talk about ANYTHING YOU WANT!!! as long it is not bad things. You know what your Mother taught you. How to act like a Good person. And don't forget you can have a little humor and joking on this site. We all enjoy a good Recipes, clean jokes, sense of humor, funny pictures of all, Good Greetings, Home yard pictures of your garden, plants, trees, etc. Trip gatherings , family, town meetings. If you have anything that makes you feel good and any of us feel good PUT IT ON THIS SITE!!!!!
And even if it makes you feel sad share IT!!! We will be all here for you. Oh yea you can even talk about the weather here. Thanks, your friend from S.C. Colongo

Colongo Colongo
Mar 10, 2016

Lets Gets some good old Family jokes!!

Heres one for starters: Whats very big and has bumps on its back and Lays at the bottom of the Ocean?

Can anyone tell me?? Colobgo

Colongo Colongo
Feb 7, 2016

Obama's new deeds

2/4/2016 Border Patrol ordered to stand down and reopen all borders to anyone!!! Also ordered to release all illegals in to the U.S. to do as they please. Anchor babies,rape,free welfare etc. you know the drill !!!

2/5/2016 Tax order per barrel interning the us 10.00 per barrel.
Notice all gas went up .10 per gallon 2/6/20016?

This Muslim in our office knows he only has a short time to finish killing this Nation. Stealing our freedom and taking us down to Communist Socialism.

This is news is not on Government owned ABC,CBS, NBC. So this is keep quit as all the rest of the bad deeds done by the Muslim in our White House.




Colongo Colongo
Feb 7, 2016

Obama has opened our Borders to anyone!! Also added 10.00 tax on each barrel of oil.

Our Boarders are now open to anyone as of 2/4/20016. Border Patrol has been order to release all illegals from anywhere and all that have been detained. They all have been release here in the U.S. to do as they please. Rape , robberies, free welfare, anchor babies, etc. This is not on ABC,NBC,ABC of coarse. They a Government owned as all media is in communist and socialist countries. Obama knows he's out soon so he is doing all he can to finish destroying this great country and steal our freedom away. Also did you notice on 2/6/20016 your gas at the pump went up .10 per gallon? That's due to the gas tax Obama just put on each barrel of gas entering this country on 2/5/2016.. Open your dam eyes America!! Get off the cool aide!!! Colongo

Colongo Colongo
Jan 26, 2016

Anterior Hip Surgery

If Anyone needs description and advice on this type of total hip replacement please ask about it. I just finished my last one on 1/22/2016. All done!! In on Friday at, home next day Saturday. Walking with walker unit Sunday. Next move is completely walking on my own in three weeks total. I do advise it over any other total hip replacement. Colongo

Colongo Colongo
Jan 12, 2016

Obama is moving toward the Top U.N. Seat Whats your thoughts?

The words out that Pope Obama is stealing the top seat in the U.N. Whats your thoughts on that move. You know he can hold that spot till 2027.

sallye bates
Dec 25, 2015


Hope this glorious Christmas day is filled with love and laughter. Love and hugs.

sallye bates
Dec 23, 2015


We are living in a troubled world today. Our society is filled with violence and hatred that is out of control. The social media has made terrorism, bigotry, racism and ridicule of our fellow man a sport to be enjoyed as we indulge in our rudest and most unkind thoughts.

Our leaders seem unable or unwilling to take the reins and bring this country back to its heritage of glory, dignity, and most of all, to regain our pride and self respect.

Please take a moment in your holiday festivities to remember these truisms:

Every time a hand reaches out to help another....that is Christmas
Every time someone puts anger aside and strives for understanding…that is Christmas
Every time people forget their differences and realize their love for each other…that is Christmas

May this Christmas bring us closer to the spirit of human understanding and closer to the blessing of peace!

May your Christmas be filled with love and laughter, and may you remember the joy and wonder of the season.

Lots of love and big Texas hugs to you and your loved ones from my wonderful family and me as we celebrate Christmas in Austin.

Colongo Colongo
Dec 22, 2015

Whats y'all cookin for Christmas???

Giving out Hollowween candy during in Oct. I'm cooking my pound cakes for my neighbors. Teresa is gone to her Moms. I'm baby sitting the children Boo Boo and Mow Mow. No big meal here. I have to get ready for my next hip replacement.Its good NOT to have a lot of weight on for that type of surgery. Merry Christmas everyone And Happy New Year. Colongo

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