Saving Fireman Bob....

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Follow with Me, Fireman Bob, as I begin and carry out the Challenge to stay alive. ..

As We all know, Cooking can present many challenges as you go through this life....

I am about to face many new Challenges to once again renew my health.....

I will update my Progress and " wins and losses " as I move towards my ultimate goal to put my Diabetes in remission. ...

Please join with me as we all can get healthier. ...

Fireman Bob :)

sallye bates
Nov 23, 2015


Repeat after me,

I can do it, I am strong and determined
I will overcome this obstacle
My health is my priority
I want to live
I WILL be a winner!

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving. Love and hugs.

Here's a new recipe that is diabetic friendly.


Sharon Colyer
Nov 20, 2015


You might remember, that I have diabetes too. I have changed some of my habits & cling to others. I definitely need to work on it! Have you been to any of the diabetes groups here on JAP? You do have to watch the recipes, because sometimes people send all of their regular recipes instead of just diabetic recipes. Low carb recipes are good too.

Keep the faith...Sharon

Susan Feliciano
Nov 20, 2015


Diabetes can be a real challenge. I will try to follow your posts here - as a Cardiac nurse, I have some experience dealing with the dietary challenges and lifestyle changes necessary to overcome this disease. Let me know if you have questions or just need to vent. Talking about it really helps.

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