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Secrets, Tips, Common Sense

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Everybody knows little secrets that help made average meals great! I invite everybody to share their family secrets so as to create more enthusiasm and confidence in our young people when they cook!

Heidi Hoerman
Nov 29, 2015

Tiny house wardrobe planning for a big house girl

I've been reading blogs about sorting clothes for tiny house closets to help me with a life-long dilemma.

Every possible space in my bedroom has been taken over by clothing that may have another wearing in it. Definitely a child of children of the Depression am I. I have been dogged by this problem all my life. Several years ago, a young friend finally shamed me into whittling down a PILE of painting shorts to one pair. As she said, "Do you plan to paint walls day-after-day for weeks at a time?" The right question to ask is not whether I might have an off-chance of getting another use out of something but rather what I need in my wardrobe.

So, the question isn't "Can I get another couple of wearings out of that ripped turtle-neck by wearing it under a sweater?" But instead, "How many turtlenecks do I need. Keep the best/favorites and toss the rest." "Toss," of course, includes "donate" for good stuff but even Goodwill doesn't want a stained and ripped turtleneck!

So, I've written myself an outline of what I need and tomorrow I'm hitting the bedroom with a box of garbage bags! Wish me luck!

Lorraine Koschock
Nov 23, 2015

Help !!!! Too much pepper !!!

I need help. I accidentally put way too much black pepper in my homemade vegetable soup tonite. It is edible but is really hot. And I don't like spicy food. Anybody have an idea of what I can use to get that pepper taste a little more mellow. Can't believe I did that. Swindy48

Debbie Sue
Oct 12, 2014

The Absolute Best Glass Cleaner

I know everyone will love this glass cleaner! Give it a try! Inexpensive and awesome! The Absolute Best Glass Cleaner


I need to know is there anything I can use to take the place of buttermilk?

Melanie B62
Oct 4, 2013

Can Sizes

Every so often you will see a recipe that asks for a size 3 can or a size 2 can. I found this chart to help.
Can Size____Volume of Food_______Weight of Food
No. 1________1+1/4 cups__________10+1/2 - 12 oz.
No. 300______1+3/4 cups______________14 - 16 oz.
No. 303__________2 cups_______________16 - 17 oz.
No. 2________2+1/2 cups__________________20 oz.
No. 2+1/2____3+1/2 cups______________27 - 29 oz.
No. 3________5+3/4 cups__________________51 oz.
No. 10___________3 quarts____6+1/2 lb. - 7 lb ; 5 oz.
Thought others might like to see this too.

Cathy Newland
Sep 24, 2013

BB Salad

Many years ago, my Mother acquired a recipe from her Aunt called BB Salad. I still have the recipe however they no longer make BB'S. These were found in the macaroni section of the store. So the recipe contained sugar,flour,salt,pineapple juice,1 egg, lemon juice, 1 can crushed pineapple,1 can of mandarin oranges,, cut up and 1 envelope of Dream Whip. This was such a fantastic dessert but since they don't make BB's does anyone have an idea what I could use in place of the BB's?

sallye bates
Jun 24, 2013


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