Tori's Pick of the Week!

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My goal for this group is to pick my favorite recipe every week, congratulate you & spread the love to everyone! Nothing's quite like putting a smile on someone's face! :)

Victoria Russell
Dec 6, 2015

Today's Pick 12/6/15-- Beverley Williams

Anyone feeling fruity? I sure am! That's why this week's pick goes to Beverley for this delicious Baked Fruit Casserole! Congrats, you are awesome!

Baked Fruit Casserole

Victoria Russell
Dec 2, 2015

Today's Pick 12/2/15-- Andy Anderson !

Sorry for the delay, it's been a crazy couple of weeks! Today, I wanna share with you a delicious recipe that I WILL be making, thanks to Andy Anderson! Turkey Chili everyone!

Awesome Turkey Chili

Victoria Russell
Nov 15, 2015

Today's Pick 11/15/15-- joeyjoan K

Today's pick is something quite clever, especially if you're trying to be creative with leftovers from Thanksgiving dinner! Turkey Shepard Pie, everyone! & Congrats, joeyjoan K! You are awesome!

Turkey Shepherd Pie

Victoria Russell
Nov 11, 2015

Help me choose an awesome party for my daughter!

I'm torn between the two options for a party for my daughter, Madelynn. She will be 3 come January & I need opinions. Everyone's is greatly appreciated!! Thank you :)

Victoria Russell
Nov 8, 2015

Today's Pick 11/8/15-- Deb Lund

Today's pick is the oh so Italian Christmas Quiche! Thank you, Deb Lund! You're awesome!
Italian Christmas Quiche

Victoria Russell
Nov 1, 2015

Today's Pick 11/1/15-- Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal

Congratulations, Lisa! Today's pick is her Cheese Enchilada Chili!

Cheese Enchilada Chili

Not only am I a fan of chili, I'm an even bigger fan of enchiladas. So putting them together was a spectacular idea to me! Thank you, Lisa, for the great idea. I cannot wait to try this recipe!

Cassie *
Oct 24, 2015

Great Group Idea

Thanks so much for the invite, Tori.

I'm honored that you chose one of my newest recipes to feature. Thanks so much! It's a good one.

Stay sweet! Hugs!

Victoria Russell
Oct 24, 2015

Today's Pick 10/24/15 --Cassie *--

Congratulations, Cassie! Today's pick is her delicious dip.

~ Creamy Bacon, Spinach, Ranch - Spread/Dip ~

The ingredients were put together nicely & the presentation is beautiful & colorful! YOU ARE AWESOME!!