Washing clothes

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I have been asked by many people "How do you keep your whites so white? " or how do you wash silks or polyester etc... So I thought I would start this group and see if we could come up with successful techniques that work for us that we could pass along to each other.

Judy Kaye
Sep 30, 2015

Why Dry Dlean

Did you know that most clothes that say dry clean can be hand washed in mild detergent?

Judy Kaye
Sep 7, 2015

Way too many clothes

The biggest problem I have seen lately is that folks want to fill the washing machine too full. A big load is clothes that only come up half way to the top of the tub and that needs to be loosely filled not packed. If you fill the washer too full you are just moving the dirt around. Sure some of the dirt is removed but most is just redistributed on to the clothes again. Water and soap are cheap when compared to the price you pay for clothes. But don't be to liberal with the detergent either because that just clogs up the fibers and can be a source of odor and allergies. Follow the directions on the label. Even then I find if I use a water softener like Borax I can actually cut down the amount of soap I use.