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Cindy Rice
Jul 5, 2017

This is ....

One of my white fleshed dragonfruit
Plants ..I guess it s time to call them plants, as they aren't seedlings anymore..lol
However, I do have ,16 redfleshed, dragonfruit seedlings,(now).
What does yours look like now, Michelle? Lol

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Cindy Rice
Jun 25, 2017


I have dragonfruit sprouts..:)
So excited ..they are actually one of the most forgiving plants I've ever nurtered ..will post pics tomorrow, as you'll be able to see them better..lol

Cindy Rice
Jun 24, 2017

Hey Michelle..!!!

Guess what?? I now got 4 red fleshed dragonfruit s just poking their little heads through the soil..I'm so excited!! Lol
Can't wait for them to get big enough and for more to sprout..maybe tomorrow.., they'll be more ..If not I'm sure they won't be too far behind ..lol
You will have to enlarge pic to actually see them..lol
They're the tiny green specs..lol

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Cindy Rice
Jun 16, 2017

Not sure where to post this..but

Where these will be "house plants", because our winters are too cold, I think this qualifies..lol
THERE NOt house plants yet.,but they will be..lol
Got my hands on 5
I've already got about 2 dozen or more planted in potting soil..:)
Soooooo excited..:)
Had to tell Michelle ..:)
So now..eventually..I can get all my dragonfruit to flower AND fruit ..but it won't be until they are at the least three(3) feet tall..still a long way to go..but on the right track :)

Cindy Rice
Jun 13, 2017

Passion fruit cutting..

Is doing great..gonna give it a bit longer to get some more roots..it now has a small root on the stem..
This time I actually KNOW, it is a root, and not something that may resemble a root..
It had a few straggly looking hairs at the bottom of the stem, that I had mistaken as roots..they were just part of the stem..this is exciting..planted several passionfruit seeds( takes 30 days to germinate), can Hardly wait..:(

Cindy Rice
Jun 13, 2017

New houseplant..lol

I happened to come across some free plants..there were big ones small ones and medium sized ones, I missed out on the spider plant that was there( saw the leftover evidence..lol), had a Christmas cactus,( got one already .) and they had a bunch of Rex begonias..all different sizes..I took a medium sized one( figured I wouldn't get into too much trouble for being home ANOTHER plant..lol..), still wishing I had grabbed the really large one..:(
But my hands were already full..:(
Guess I could've gone to the car, and come back after I put the rest of my stuff in the car..but didn't really wanta..was hot out....:)

Cindy Rice
Jun 7, 2017

Where oh where is Michelle??

Lol..I've got two mango seedlings..I planted some papaya seeds, my avocado tree is still hanging in there..lol
I've now had it for over a year( it's a miracle..lol), planted two ugli fruit seeds( had one given to me ..do think it was a bit over ripe..not certain , though..lol) got a lemon seed that just sprouted today..my jade tree cutting I finally got to root a bit...so planted it, it's doing fine, has even got some new growth on it ..I've got some borage seedlings just sprouted..may see if I can keep one growing in the house all year..we shall see..still can't find any dragon fruit except white fleshed..:( all my white fleshed dragonfruit are doing awesome ..I have discovered, quite by accident, that you can break off a piece, shove it into the dirt , and it will survive , and grow ..I've also discovered, quite by accident, lol, that the long( or short ), stringy hairs , on them will root, if you allow it to come into contact with dirt ..lol..quite by accident ..lol..I've discovered a site that sells dragonfruit seeds, and plants ..yellow flesh, red, pink , not sure what other colors ..lol
Had to take my passionfruit cutting back out of the dirt and put it back into water..don't think the roots were long enough..I AM gonna invest in some hormone tooting powder , next month..lol