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Michelle Rice
Mar 17, 2017

Cindy this is your fault, lol!

At work there were some Prickly Pear Cactus fruit that were in the rewrap section. So of course I had to buy one! In the process of extracting seeds from a red fleshed fruit! As soon as the seeds are ready I'll let you know!
I have a perennial that was a cutting, and it grows so fast. My goal is to get it growing as a houseplant.

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Michelle Rice
Mar 17, 2017

Never have I seen a green African Violet!

I got a 10$ gift card from work , so immediately to the flower shop I went to pick out a few plants! I came across this not so happy green African violet! In all my floral years, never saw a green one! I also brought home a wavy birds nest fern which I have had before and have had a hard time keeping it alive! Rare to find local, as I used to order plants myself, so I always had awesome lists to choose from! This one will live! The violet too! Lol

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Cindy Rice
Mar 7, 2017

Anybody ??

Well it looks like there hasn't been anyone here in awhile..:(
Anyone seen or heard from Michelle??
I hope all is well with her..

My dragonfruit seedlings have finally taken off..:) my one avocado tree, is hanging in there..( whew) so far..;)
I have a tree now..of the evergreen variety..have kept it alive so far since the month of December..so far..but then I have it sitting in my kitchen table right in front of me where I sit..lol..it really seems to like it there..so, I haven't bothered to find it a new spot..:)

Jean Fisher
Nov 28, 2016


Bob brought a cacti home to help decorate last week. Getting Gorgeous!

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Michelle Rice
Sep 30, 2016

Guess what i got my hands on, Cindy Rice?

I have a red fleshed dragon fruit. Back working in produce, and there is a dragon fruit on the rewrap tray. It's coming with me! Lol

Michelle Rice
May 3, 2016

Cindy Rice!

I saw a big basket of Dragon Fruit at the grocery store today! I was like oh no! Lol, but they were big and beautiful! Still pricey at $8.99, but better than the $10.99 I paid for mine! Only to throw it all away anyway!

Jean Fisher
May 1, 2016

My Geranium

Started this beautiful plant, by a few cuttings in the fall. It is about ready to go outside.

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