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Michelle Rice
Oct 28, 2017

Hi everyone!

How did all the houseplants do over the summer? Did anyone buy a cool plant that is your baby? Mine is a verigated pink lemon. However it’s flowered twice, and lost the fruit shortly after, I bought it in April. Growing good though.
Check in soon! I’ll try better keeping the group active.

Cindy Rice
Oct 4, 2017

And I got more..lol

My neighbor gave me a mother in laws tongue, a small palm, and a few different succulents, and a couple aloe veras, and a cactus cutting ..
So esctatic ..:)
Plus, I got another of the hanging vine( can’t quite remember what it’s calked , at the moment..lol)..
and a variegated golden pothos ..:)

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Jean Fisher
Sep 19, 2017

Left my house plants all alone!

Gone for two weeks visiting my daughter. Hope my house plants survived.

Cindy Rice
Sep 18, 2017

Got another one ..:)

My gf finally divided one of her newly acquired plants..it is a coffee plant..love it ..:)
Pic tomorrow..:)

Cindy Rice
Aug 25, 2017

2 new ones..lol

Bought one today, a jade , and the other I rooted from a cutting, it grew roots, then produced a flower, I potted it up today, it's a type of begonia ..:)

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Cindy Rice
Aug 9, 2017

I ace 3 New "houseplants"..

Here's one ..I need to repot it..next year I will see about planting it into the ground..somewhere, where hubby won't now it down ..groan!!

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Cindy Rice
Jul 5, 2017

This is ....

One of my white fleshed dragonfruit
Plants ..I guess it s time to call them plants, as they aren't seedlings anymore..lol
However, I do have ,16 redfleshed, dragonfruit seedlings,(now).
What does yours look like now, Michelle? Lol

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Cindy Rice
Jun 25, 2017


I have dragonfruit sprouts..:)
So excited ..they are actually one of the most forgiving plants I've ever nurtered ..will post pics tomorrow, as you'll be able to see them better..lol