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Sarah McCormick
Aug 20, 2015

How Far Along Are You?

I am 7 weeks and 4 days pregnant today, with a due date of April 6th, 2016. I'm not sure if we will be finding out if we are having a girl or boy as of yet. Right now, I'm having boatloads of fun with guessing the gender using old wives tales, such as the wedding ring on a string over the belly trick, the Chinese Gender Predictor, the Ramzi Method, and Skull Theory. Right now, the Wedding Ring trick points to a boy, the Chinese Gender predictor points to a girl, the Ramzi method points to a girl, and I'm undecided about the Skull Theory just yet - but I think it points to girl. At week 10, I may buy an Intelligender prediction kit from Walgreens for fun - I hear they're pretty accurate!

What about all of you? I'd love to hear your due dates and what you're having or the methods you're using for fun to determine the gender.