Weekly Menus

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Making a weekly menu is proven to save time, save money, and gets food out on the table. This is for anyone that likes to do all three of these things and share wih everyone else! Don't forget to have fun :)

Jeanette Rochnowski
Feb 17, 2012


Thought this would be a good group to join. Could use a little organization. Can't wait to get started!


Milliee Rupp
Dec 27, 2011

Hello & Help

Hi everyone ,
I just found this group and am looking forward to learning and getting to know everyone.

One of my new years resolutions is to be more organized....and that includes dinner.

I am at a total loss on how to plan ahead for meals. Which is the best or easiest way? Themed as in monday mexican, tuesday italian etc? Or each weekday having its own meat, mondays beef , tuesday chicken, wednesday pork, etc?

I have a LARGE family , which consists of my parents, myself & husband, my oldest daughter and her 3 children ages 1,2 &4, and my 9 year old daughter.

Please help !


Kim Biegacki
Aug 2, 2011

Wow, what an awesome group

I am all for this but have no idea how to start. I am lucky to plan for a day or two. I haven't ever been able to figure out how to plan for the week. I have attempted but failed. I will look forward to reading previous posts and all from here on in. I am ready to save more time, money and have a plan for dinner for a week. WoooHooo...I am an excellent learner. :-) Thanks Nikki for starting this group.

Jun 24, 2011


Well,I just joined the group yesterday.let me see if I can remember what I had this week.

Mon-fried chicken,green peas,potato casserole and pickled beets
Tues-beef tacos,corn casserole green salad
Wed-baked beans,hot links,potato salad
Thur-steamed veggies with melted cheese,baked potatoes with mushrooms
Fri-baked red snapper,yellow rice,steamed broccoli
Sat-will be eating outNo cooking!!!
Sun-company for dinner.Roast beef,roasted potatoes,green beans,tomato salad.chocolate cake,ice cream

Leanne Dupont
Jun 8, 2011


Hi! I just joined this group today and I am excited to learn new ways to meal-plan. Usually, I plan my weekly meals when I do my shopping list (Saturday or Sunday) and then I make 4-5 frozen meals (meals from my once-a-month-cooking cookbooks). I can make 5 whole meals in 10 minutes! It makes me feel really accomplished :) Then, I have a small dry-erase calendar board on the side of my fridge and I write in each meal for the upcoming week so my husband knows what to expect. My problem is remembering to take one of the freezer meals out the night before to thaw and/or get something in the crock pot so my husband can turn it on when he leaves for work. I have 2 boys--2 and 4 years old--and they run me ragged all day. They have rest time at 2pm and that is the only time I have to prepare or finish dinner and get ready for work (I work in the evenings). So, I guess I have a good plan, but I'm not so great at executing it. Hopefully, I can get some tips! :)

Laura Michaela Banse
May 30, 2011

Menu formats

Do any of you use anything specific when planning out your menus? I have found that having an actual format to write dinners on helps us actually stick to it.

I love the look of the free menu available at faithfulprovisions.com/...downloads

I'll get my menu updated when I get it finished. Normally, I do this Saturday night but because of the holiday, I'm late...

Jennifer McConnell
Nov 23, 2010

WOW! Where did everyone go?

I just realized that the last post to this group was on the 4th of this month....It's now the 23rd guys! Where did everyone go?

Okay, well I'll start this week off.

Tomorrow night is a lazy night dinner, so we're just going to pull a pizza down from the freezer.

Wednesday, Ham and Beans with Johnny Cake (ham and beans is in the freezer).

Thursday.......Okay, well I wasn't going to do anything except pull one of my homemade tv dinners from the freezer, as I was going to be here by myself for T-Day, until I found out a few days ago that my ex is actually going to be home with me. Joy....So, we went shopping today for T-Day dinner for 2. I was going to go with Cornish Hens, but he talked me into a small honey glazed ham, sided with homemade mashed taters, a white gravy, sweet potato casserole my way, green bean haystacks from this site, Hawaiian sweet rolls, Pumpkin Pie, and Cherry Fluff Salad, with a side of whole cranberry sauce for me (he won't eat them or stuffing for that matter :( ).

Tomorrow morning I'm doing the Cracker Barrel's hashbrown casserole from this site, with bits of cooked ham and bacon mixed into it, with Cinnemon rolls and eggs for breakfast.

Friday is a pull down meal,

Saturday is honey fried chicken with honey biscuits, corn on the cob, and mashed taters and gravy,

And Sunday, last but not least, is Hamburger Pie.


Jennifer McConnell
Nov 4, 2010

OOOOH I need ideas!!!

Okay ladies, I've been invited to spend a few days starting Sunday at my honey bunny's house. Jaysin is a quadraplegic, so his meals usually consist of deli meat sandwiches, and easy stuff that he doesn't need the stove for, or can cook in the microwave (yucky).....He made me promise to cook a couple home cooked dinners while I'm there, so now I'm trying to think of what I can make for him, that won't cost me a fortune in supplies to purchase when I go over there.......Any ideas? Comfort foods etc would be great!!! He's not a picky eater at all, so looking to try out some new recipes while I'm there.