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My mom was born during the depression and grew up knowing how to make food dollars go a long way. She always tried to get the most meals out of one dinner, turning chicken into soup, schmaltz, pot pie with leftover bits going into chicken burgers. Guess I learned something watching her in the kitchen all those years and seeing how excited she was sharing her meals and her creativity. I just can't seem to throw away any usable leftovers. I also love the challenge of transforming them into something different and delicious. Sure I strike out, but sometimes I hit homeruns. I always have fun!

Anita Kulick
Aug 8, 2015

Clean Closet Cooking Challenge

My husband, and undercover hoarder, finally had the courage to tackle the kitchen closets which were overflowing with all the oils, grains, and bar-b-que sauces he kept buying and stashing away never to be seen again. Which may explain why we had five partially used containers of breadcrumbs.

With the closets empty and the tremendous assortment of jars, boxes, and bags covering every available kitchen surface, I kept thinking about the waste of money and trying to figure out how to use the things that hadn’t expired six years ago. Not kidding. Wish I was.

As my mind was filled with ideas for tiny bits of leftover rices and imported balsamic vinegars, I thought how much fun it would be have the help of friends and family – sort of an at home Food Network Chopped

We could try to create dishes from odds and ends that were personalized for our food preferences and needs from salt free, low cal, but not boring (me) to decadent, loaded with butter, sugar and bacon not healthy but super delicious.

So here goes the first of (hopefully) many challenges.
• Dry breakfast cereal
• Rice – good way to use up leftover rock-solid Chinese takeout rice
• Over ripe almost done fruit or veggie
• And of course, anything else from your “frig or pantry.”

Share your recipes and photos - masterpieces and mistakes!