Ten-Ten-Ten: 10 Dollars-10 Ingredients-10 minutes

Hosted by Jessica Earl
Group active since Fri, Jun 12, 2015

A fun place to discuss recipes that are cheap and easy. We can talk about anything that costs less than $10, less than ten ingredients, and/or less than 10 minutes to prepare (cook time not included).

After recently becoming a mother, August 2014, I have found that my inability to cook could no longer be substituted with junk food and going out to eat. I was going to be home a lot more and needed to stick to a budget. This inspired me to focus on meal planning and budgeting as well as time management. It was nice to look online and find meal plans that were pre-made, but some didn't fit in with my budget or seemed really labor intensive. I found justapinch.com and thought this would be a great place to share with anyone else who struggles with or enjoys cheap or easy meal planning and see what we can come up with or find.

Hopefully there will be a lot of creativity and inspiration for anyone who is looking for quick, easy, or affordable meals. Kudos to anyone with a dinner that fits all three criteria.

Jessica Earl
Jun 12, 2015

Hello Everyone

If you're like me you are always on the look out for cheap or easy meals to make. Sometimes the recipes we find are great but a little out of our budget or a bit more labor intensive. Here is a discussion group around meal planning for one of the three criteria mentioned in the title. I know that the 10 ingredients is more general but I thought we could also try emphasizing simple meals. I thought five ingredients would make it a little tight and narrow it down too much. Although it would be fun to see if people have big meals that can be planned for less than five ingredients and be cheap or quick to prepare.

You can share anything, even if it doesn't fit all three topics. If it's easy, cheap, or quick to prepare share it. I'd love to hear your recipes, and I'm sure others will, too. And I'll be sharing mine as well.

Also, feel free to share meal planning tips around any of theses three.