Favorite Vintage Recipes (1950-1990's)

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Welcome to a place where you can share and perhaps find your favorite vintage recipes. I hope that viewers will join ‘Vintage Recipes Group’.

* Recipe and photo (from your personal (not the internet) old cookbooks, magazine clippings or newspaper clippings, or old product labels etc.)
* Origin, (Betty Crocker Cookbook 1943 or Grandma Heller)
* Date of origin, (what year, 1939)
* An actual picture (see above) showing the entire recipe – do not hold back family secrets.

Over time, the more we post the better this group will become. I hope this site becomes a unique place where members can rediscover a lost favorite recipe from their childhood or brings back special memories of loved ones.

I had recently posted a recipe for “Vintage Banana Pudding” that my grandmother prepared in the 1960’s. I would like to share with you a message I received in response.

“THANK YOU so much for sharing! My mammar made the best banana pudding. It would be gone within minutes at church suppers! She passed away in July and I never got a chance to get the recipe =(
Last night my hubby was talking about how much he would love to have it again! I'm going to surprise him with this for dessert tonight!”

If you find the lost recipe you've been searching for in this group, PLEASE Stamp it Family Tested & Approved, it’s your way of saying THANK YOU to the poster!!! Remember, knowing your participation and feedbacks could be a Godsend to someone, and that is a GOOD thing!!!

Please join our ‘Vintage Recipes Group’ and POST recipes and info, rediscover an vintage recipe or two from your childhood, meet new friends, and create new memories cooking from cherished recipes from your past... to your loved ones tonight! So, tell your followers and friends about FAVORITE VINTAGE RECIPES, because the more people who join and contributes, the better this group becomes!!!

Candy Kochenour
Nov 14, 2017

Chicken Tetrazzini card #7X

Looking for McCall's Chicken Tetrazzini recipe. It was card #7X of party casseroles. Still have my original collection, but I loaned this card to someone and never got it back
Thanks for your help!

Oct 11, 2015

Home cooking' is a Family Affair

Prepared by Women's Ministry Community Church of the Nazarene of Racine, WI. in 1993. This is a soft covered book with 160 pgs. of recipes contributed from local people in the surround areas.

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Oct 3, 2015

Better Homes and Garden TREASURY OF Baking Recipes

The "Better Homes and Garden TREASURY OF Baking Recipes" book was published in 1978.This is a soft cover book with 64 pages full of recipes, from cakes and frostings to yeast breads.

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Oct 1, 2015


The Great Pumpkin Cookbook is a great vintage cookbook from Libby's in 1984. There are 127 pages of recipes filled with pumpkin recipes, from appetizers/soups to holidays... and celebration specials.

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Sep 25, 2015

101 Strawberry Recipes by Carole Eberly

The 101 Strawberry Recipes cookbook is a soft covered book by Carole Eberly, published in 1986. With 48 pages, this cookbook is full of strawberry recipes, from jams, mouses, salads, breads, to ice creams,meringues and baked Alaska.

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Sep 24, 2015

Love to hear for YOU!!!!

As someone like myself, trying to start a GROUPto help others who’ve lost recipes in a new group, I need members to post customer feedback on the site. This feedback will allow new viewers to comprehend your personal thoughts and experience.
Knowing how difficult it can be to get the original recipe for a ‘certain recipe’. Going on line searching, everyone has the recipe, so you click away, only to find out it’s their personal version, and not the original version! Whether it’s been weeks, months or years searching … Goodness knows we’ve all been there and understand how frustrating it can be.

The purpose for giving feedback is to validate if the Group posts provided correct information, improve the situation or performance.

* How accurate was the “discussion post” description?

* How satisfied were you with the Group “Favorite Vintage Recipes (1950-1990’s)” communication?

* How quickly did the group send the recipe(s) or information requested?

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Sep 2, 2015

Rival Crock-Pot Cookbook booklet, by the Rival Mfg. Co. dated 1979

Rival Crock Pot Recipes by the Rival Mfg. Co. in Kansas City, Missouri,this booklet has 81 pages. Some of the sections included are; About the stoneware, Introduction to slow cooking, About crockpots, Hint and tips, FAQ, and Care and cleaning.
Although the crockpot is no longer mine.... but the booklet is!!!

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