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This group is for bird lovers & watchers, featuring birds,and all gods creatures,, and we can wander away from gods creations from time to
But birds and animals are the focus of this group if you are a person who gets excited when your favorite birds have returned from a long winter elsewhere..or a long summer elsewhere...then this groups for you...if you love watching your squirrels, coons, wild turkeys, etc...then this is the group to share your experiences with..and we can share about our experiences about other animals as well..:)
After checking out other groups and their descriptions and rules, I realized I hadn't included any I do want this to be a very fun loving group..sooooo...with that in mind..I expect all members of this group to be polite and respectful at all times...if ya have to wonder or question yourself about writing it here...??? Don't write it here...any behavior that I deem Inappropriate or disrespectful will be this group once is all you get...I am the easiest person to get along with...let's keep it that that I've got that out there...let's have fun and maybe even learn some things along the way...I would also like to point out that I appreciate each and every one of my group members...thank you...:)

Joey Wolf
May 6, 2017

The hummingbirds AND the orioles both returned TODAY!!!

I also had Eurasian sparrows, gold & purple finches and a rose breasted gros beak at the feeder today.

I swear the oriole stopped over the deck and sang to me, saying "HEY LADY! where's my supper? Get that feeder out here!'' lol or maybe it was ''I'm HOME! What's for supper?''

Cindy Rice
May 5, 2017

My rosebreasted grosbeaks..

Are here..yaay!! SAw two males today..
And yesterday, saw my male orioles..a double yaaay!!!
TOday i saw a bird that i have yet to identify ..and I say...YET! !

Joey Wolf
May 3, 2017

these are the goslings.........

Scooter and I have been watching the baby geese for awhile now. today, because of the high water the parents were moving them from the bottoms up to a little higher ground. i caught this flock in transit.....aren't they precious? these are several families gathered together for protection, as the goslings cannot fly yet. the adults were watchful of me, but not aggressive at all!

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Cindy Rice
May 1, 2017

Bed time for this little

Good night all..pouring out here off and on..but will leave you with this before I toddle off to

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Colongo Colongo
May 1, 2017

Mow Mow's is in Love

We decided to keep little Princess Mow Mow loves her. Y'all have a nice day , Colongo

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Cindy Rice
May 1, 2017

New members..

There are a few members that have joined here in my absences..and I'd like to welcome you to the critter group..welcome..:) I'll have to look again to see whi y'all are ..but eddie is one..:) welcome welcome..:)

Cindy Rice
Apr 29, 2017

Spring has sprung..!!

At last..yaaaay!!!
Just saw a bald eagle the other day while I was driving ..saw fluttering movement , out the corner of my eye, in the marshy field, to the right of me, looked quick , and did a double take..the eagle