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This is the first year I am preparing the Passover Seder myself. In the past my mom alwasy did it and I helped a little. I started this group to see if I could get some ladies and gentlemen preparing Seder dinners to share recipes with me not just for Passover Seder but for the whole 8 days. During Passover my mom and I like to stay Kosher. I am 62, an Ashkenazie, Philadelphian, 27 yr Resident of Las Vegas, a retired Paralegal/Legal Assistant, and challenged with spine problems from neck to tailbone. My greatest joy is being able to stand in the kitchen to cook :O) Hope you will join me. Check my recipe box for a delicious Tizmmis.

Jackie Marinoff
Apr 2, 2015


Hello Donna and Patricia :O)
Welcome to the Passover Good Eats Discussion Group. I'm very excited to have someone to talk to about delicious foods for Passover. Please tell me a little about yourself..are you from Jewish backgrounds? What kind of topics would you like to see in this group. Thanks for joining me. I look forward to many wonderful times here.

Jackie Marinoff
Apr 2, 2015

Passover 1st Seder Night

On the first night Seder we usually have roasted paprika chicken as our main course with homemade hot Tzimmis. What are you having for your 1st Seder meal?