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There is a snack that the KIDS love, it's PIZZA. There is a snack that grow-up like, it's PIZZA. If there is a food, that everyone like to fix, it's PIZZA!!!!

So, this GROUP is for all the PIZZA lovers out there. Let it be from the NORTH, SOUTH, EAST or WEST. If it's made in CHICAGO or NEW YORK, it's still PIZZA. If it is a DEEP DISH or THIN CRUST or a CHEESE filled CRUST, it's still a PIZZA.No matter if it is store bought or homemade, it is still a PIZZA.

So this group is for PIZZA LOVERS in the WORLD!!!

Heidi Hoerman
Sep 3, 2017

Portobello mushrooms stuffed with pizza toppings

Since we drove through the pizza-pizza window the other night, I still have pizza toppings in the fridge. Last night I used some of them to stuff a couple of portobello caps. So easy and so yummy.

Wash, remove the stems, and scrape out the gills of portobello mushroom caps, 1 per person if large. Put them face down on an oiled skillet and pop in a 400F oven while you assemble the stuffing.

Last night's stuffing was chopped pepperoni, oven dried tomatoes, roasted red pepper, and parsley stirred into a mixture of ricotta and fresh mozzarella "pearls."

After the mushrooms have cooked about 10 minutes, flip them and mound the filling in them. Then return them to the oven for 5 or so minutes until the filling is bubbling hot.

That's all there is to it. Serve them next to a pasta or, as we did, gnocchi.

Joey Wolf
Sep 1, 2017

Friday, Pizza Night!!!

Traditionally, when not working 2nd shift, Friday night has always been pizza night at my house! Not so much in the summer, when we'll occasionally order one. I just hate to run the oven and AC at the same time. BUT! It's cool again and I made a Chef Boy Ar Dee sausage and mushroom pizza tonight! It's our fave. We are eating lighter, so I cut the dough in 1/2 and split the sauce and freeze half for another time. I use Jimmy Dean Sage sausage, which has very little fat, and I drain that too. I also use canned mushroom bits and pieces, drained and diced. I put the cheese mix that comes with the pizza mix in the dough. Top with mozzarella and 20 minutes later, we have a, perfect 2 person, 2 pieces apiece, pizza (try saying that fast) lol Pizza night, is also the only night we eat in front of the tv, because it's tradition, not because there's anything on the tv on Fri night that we can't miss. Tomorrow or Sunday, we may have biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast, or I'll freeze the cooked sausage for the next pizza. The cheese baking in the pizza crust gives off an awesome aroma.

Heidi Hoerman
Aug 31, 2017

Can't wait!

Can't wait to see what you all have to say about pizza. It really is a surprisingly easy thing to do that makes everyone happy!

Heidi Hoerman
Aug 31, 2017

My beloved silicone pizza mat

First, I can't shape a pizza the way they show people doing it. Spin the dough? In your dreams. I broke down and bought a Lekue silicone pizza mat and am in love.

It's a sheet of platinum silicone (so it can take a 500F oven) that is perforated so the crust browns on the bottom. I bought to rectangular one but there is a round one.

I just use a combination of a rolling pin and my fingers to stretch the dough as far as it will go on the mat. The perforations kind of hold onto the dough and prevent it from springing back so much. You can put the mat on a sheet pan or just slide it from a peel onto hot pizza tiles or stone. When the pizza's done, just slide it off the mat to cut it.

I'm planning to make a pizza over the weekend and will take pictures then. Meanwhile, it's available on Amazon for twenty-bucks and I'm sure a lot of kitchen stores have it, too.

Bobby (*_*)
Aug 29, 2017


Heidi is now the new PIZZA-PIZZA-PIZZA discussion group! Lets be part in making her proud. Thank you Heidi for coming to my aid LOL!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

Heidi Hoerman
Aug 26, 2017

Change in "listowner" coming

Bobby has asked me to take over this list so you will see a switch of name soon. Everyone is welcome to talk about their pizzas -- even packaged ones you buy at the store and "doctor."

I grew up on my father's pizza which came from the grocery store, frozen, in a brown cardboard box with "Tree Tavern Pizza" printed in green ink on it. Nothing fancy. But then he got to work on it adding Wesson oil and American cheese and turning it into something we kids thought was the best treat ever.

Now I make pizza, starting with a pile of flour. It's really very easy and quite satisfying if you haven't tried it. That's not to say that I'm at all disappointed that there's a Little Caesar's drive-thru quite close to our house! My car has worn a groove in their driveway.

Share any and all pizza tales, questions, suggestions, etc., here!

Bobby (*_*)
Aug 21, 2017


I am looking for someone to take over this Discussion group PIZZA-PIZZA-PIZZA.

Bobby (*_*)
Aug 16, 2017


Lets welcome our new member --- WELCOME - NOR --- WELCOME to the PIZZA PARLOR. Enjoy and make yourself feel at home. Browse the recipes we have to offer.