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Bobbie Brines
Mar 12, 2015

Low Sodium Recipes

I have to limit the amount of salt I cook with. I have a son with a very serious cardiac condition and salt causes him and I.....to retain fluid and suffer with edema that leads to shortness of breath. I came to this site thinking there would be some really good recipes for low sodium cooking....the recipes here are tried and true!! I could not find any! I am wondering if I should start a Low Sodium Cookbook/Group. I can't be the ONLY member that needs to limit salt in the diet. I use to think that all a person had to do was keep your hands off the salt shaker, not true. Many of the seasoning, sauces I use are loaded with salt. I also found that just about ALL the pork meat I buy at a grocery store in "flavor enhance" that means injected with water, salt and other flavors. Now I buy my meat at a meat market that assures me that the meat in not enhanced. I never expected to find low sodium recipes so hard to find. Yes...there are LOTS of low sodium cookbooks out there but they are not what I call...."down home" cooking. Anyone else out there have any suggestions or trouble with this problem??? Thanks in advance for at least giving me a venue to vent some of my frustration. Oh.....second thought....I did find an online web store that sells nothing but low/no salt food items.....I have tasted their Liquid Smoke after using it and it is wonderful and does help with the salt that you wish was there. Low sodium cooking is BLAND, but deadly if not held in check so I am determined to stay strong.........I miss the salt.......I grew up in an era where the salt was not seen as a problem. I am not sure it is ok to give out the name of the web site without administrative approval from JAP, so I will ask first.