Cooking For Two

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For almost fifty years, I've cooked for families and in large quantities is for two is HARD (at least it is for me!)

I often freeze part of a meal, but, it isn't always an option. Leftovers are good once, but twice and sometimes three times, gets old! Then there is always the recreation of a dish from leftovers, but there is only so many ways you can recreate leftovers.

So, I'm working hard to Cook For Two, downsizing my current repertoire, learning new recipes and buying some new cookware (smaller baking dishes and pans).

I know there are others, just like me, out there....are you a two-fer cooker or baker? Please share your creations with us!

Jean Fisher
Sep 2, 2015

Good evening

I was just scrolling through the groups here on JAP and came across this group. I also had a hard time cutting my cooking down for the two of us. I had cooked for 5 for too long

Catherine Yountz
Aug 18, 2015

Purchasing groceries

What, how, and why do you buy what you buy when you are just cooking for two, and trying to maintain a budget? For instance, I like to shop at Sam's Club, but... is it really more economical than our local grocery store? Also, we need to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and many times I buy packaged salad starter and it goes bad before we finish it. Are there any tricks to making it last longer?? I love salads!

Sylvia Waldsmith
Mar 6, 2015

Cooking For Two

Has your household population dive-bombed in recent years? Have the kids headed out in every direction, pursuing their own dreams? Have you just recently become married? What's the story behind your need to Cook For Two?