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Recipe swaps, fun and games, news items, quizzes, just need advice?... Almost anything goes. Please join us! Humbly beginning as "Grandparent To Grandparent", we found that we loved, respected and wanted to include all of our wonderful JAP friends. By unanimous decision, it was agreed to change our name and logo to be an all-inclusive, all-welcoming merry band of misfits. =)

As always, please be kind, gentle, respectful and non-judgmental. Above all, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy! Welcome!


Family Favorites
Tuesday at 8:32 AM

Italian Pub Chips

Here's the recipe. Great with all of your favorite summer grilling recipes-

Pub Chips With Feta & Sweet Balsamic Drizzle

Family Favorites
Tuesday at 8:13 AM

Good Morning!

Good morning, Friends!
Busy, busy day around this kitchen today. The contractors are back and working away, but I'm told that I will have power throughout the day. =) I have a doctor's appointment later this morning and other errands to accomplish, so I'm going to pop a meatloaf into the crockpot and let it slow cook this afternoon providing a nice, hot meal for us when I return.

I also have a great recipe for Italian Pub Chips that I want to post this morning. We enjoyed them at an Italian restaurant a few weeks ago, and I couldn't wait to come home and try them. It was a big hit in our home and is the perfect accompaniment for summer grilling season.

Today is going to be warm and gorgeous, so it's time to start this busy day! Hope you all have an incredible, wonderful, productive day!

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Family Favorites
Monday at 9:23 AM

Good Monday Morning!

Hello everyone, and welcome to your brand new week! Well, right when you think you have a fantastic weekend beautifully planned, God decides to show his sense of humor.

Along their 4 1/2 hour drive home Friday night, my daughter and her new boyfriend stopped for dinner along the way. By the time they reached our home, the new man in my daughter's life, that we were so anxious to meet, was in the full throws of severe food poisoning. Seriously. Food poisoning. You just can't make this stuff up. lol

I felt so sorry for him. He, too, had planned to make a perfect impression and be an ideal house guest. He carefully selected a beautiful floral bouquet for me, roses for my daughter and an impressive bottle of wine for my husband to add to our collection. However, the next 10 hours would be absolutely horrible for him. =/

My daughter, my husband and I teamed up to take good care of him. Supplies, bland foods and medications were purchased, pillows fluffed and "tea and toast" trays lovingly prepared. Our mom and dad instincts kicked in, and he immediately became one of "our children" who was miserable and needed us terribly. Cool washcloths, ginger ale, crackers, tea and toast replaced the Mexican meal we had planned.

By late Saturday, things were looking up. We were able to sit on the deck in beautiful 75 degree weather and laugh about the experience, us more than him, I'm sure. lol When I took one look at him Friday night, so very sick, he instantly became one of my kids. And you know what? If everything had gone as I had originally planned, we would never be this close this fast. My husband and I feel like we have known him forever and he feels the same, as if we are an extra "mom and dad" that he can depend on when needed. Proper clothing, impressive bios and career trajectory all flew out the window. All of the things that we tend to judge others on when we first meet were meaningless.

As funny as it sounds, and although it was physically tough on him, none of us would change a thing about the weekend because we feel like we have gained a new son. And, hopefully if things work out, they will have a fantastic story to tell for years to come. Sometimes God doesn't give you what you want or plan... he has a sense of humor and gives you something far better. =)

I have to run into town in a little bit, but I just wanted to wish you all a fabulous morning! =)

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Family Favorites
Friday at 10:22 AM

Bill O' Reilly

PUTTING POLITICS ASIDE PLEASE, do you think it was right for Bill O' Reilly to be paid $25 million dollars in severance pay as per his recently written contract, or should FOX News have included a clause in his contract stating that he would not receive such a large amount, or none at all, if he were fired for reasons normally included in a morality clause of an employment contract?

My husband and I got into quite a debate last night over this topic, and I'm curious to hear popular opinion...

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Family Favorites
Friday at 8:34 AM

Happy Friday!

Ahhhh... Friday. After a long week of dark, dismal days, pouring rain, wet snow, a construction crew that tested my abundant patience and more dirt, dust and debris than I can describe, it's Friday. =) The sun is shining brightly, right on cue, and I kicked the contractors to the curb (...for the day) to get ready for my daughter and her boyfriend coming home late this evening.

Dinner will be a relaxing one with my husband at my favorite restaurant and life has returned to normal, if just for a few days.

Tomorrow, the weather is going to be gorgeous and we are heading up to the family hobby farm. From there, our side by sides will head even farther into the family 40's to have a picnic lunch at a quaint, little log cabin that my FIL built on a babbling creek for fun family days in the summer, and hunting and trapping in the fall. Time to check for winter damage and set the canoe out on the creek for summer use.

Lots to prepare today. Trying out some new appetizer recipes this weekend that I'll try to get posted on Monday. Hope you all have a magnificent weekend doing all that you love. =)

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Family Favorites
Thursday at 8:47 AM

Peg's "Construction Cuisine", Wednesday's Edition

Last night was just warm enough to pull out the grill and hand off the cooking to my husband. =) I prepared the rest of the meal, while he manned the grill. We made our Belly Busting BLT Burgers, and they did just that. Oh my. So very good when you're really hungry. Then, I made a huge bowl of this grape salad that I've become pretty addicted to. The only change I make is to replace the walnuts with sweetened almonds or peanuts, whatever is laying around the pantry. I think I've made it every week since I first tried it. The perfect sweet thing to serve with the savory, salty burgers.

Since I passed the burgers and spatula off to my husband, dinner was ready in about 25 minutes, from start to finish. With the help of my new friend, Chinet, cleanup was minimal which was a good thing because we cleaned up after the construction crew for over three hours. Hopefully, the "deconstruction" part of the project will be over by week's end... hopefully. =)

Belly Busting BLT Burgers


Family Favorites
Thursday at 8:33 AM

Good Morning JoAnn Bateman and Elaine Bovender!

Please help me welcome two more new members, Elaine and JoAnn!

Elaine is a proud winner of four JAP Blue Ribbons for her wonderful recipes and calls Wilmington, NC "home". Elaine has been with us here at JAP since April of 2012. Welcome, Elaine!

Also joining our merry band of misfits, is JoAnn Bateman. Welcome, JoAnn! So glad you're here! JoAnn has also been with JAP since March of 2012 and comes to us from sunny, warm Mobile, AL.

Welcome ladies! Send some of your pleasant southern weather my way, please! =)

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Family Favorites
Thursday at 8:13 AM

Good Morning, Everyone!

Good Thursday morning! I'm afraid winter has returned to my neck of the woods. =/ It's cloudy, dark, wet and freezing cold. Right now, we have already reached our high of 38 degrees, with high winds and driving rain. Unfortunately, I have to go out in this miserable weather in a little while. Looks like it's back to my winter wool coat. Darn. I just can't seem to put that thing away.

First, this morning, let's all congratulate Linda on being featured as "The Recipe Of The Day"! My Signature Chicken Sandwich

It looks delicious and I'm anxious to serve it when grilling weather returns to our area. Be sure to stop by Linda's recipe box and give a few more of her recipes a pinch, as well!

What's going on in your neck of the woods? Whatever it is, I hope the sun is shining brightly on all that you do. =)