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Discussions of small pets,share pics,info swap stories about our small pets with big hearts! I have 3 guinea pigs! have had them 3 weeks now,such a joy

annie Kelly
May 12, 2015

Good Morning

Just thought I would post the definition of fur-nature. LOL.

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annie Kelly
Apr 19, 2015


Morning All,
Well I got 4 water turles a few weeks ago. They are about the size of a quarter now. So darn cute. They are actually getting to know me now.

kathy ryder
Apr 19, 2015

bad breathe

I also heard try and feed your dog/cat parsely for bad breath, instead of the pricey fresh breath anyone know anything else? There teeth and gums look good just got stinky smell and there not babies,

kathy ryder
Apr 19, 2015

fleas and such

I read this the other day in a book I have, it says to keep fleas off pets bathe them with salted water and it says you can add rosemary in chopped up or oils to it, Im going to try the salted water for sure add a lot of salt it dont matter what type but im going to use kosher or sea, I also have used a cup of oatmeal after I put it in my food processor to get it fine, I do think that helped, I tried whole oatmeal but its disaster to get it out of there coats lol, Has anyone got any other ideas for fleas or ticks? Im highly allergic to fleas and my male papillon is very much so, scratching constantly unless I stay on top of it, Maine will be bad this year,

Patrice Vacca
Feb 11, 2015


Spice had the liter @ 12:30 this afternoon! she had 4,but 1 died,they r so small! furry running round squeeking eating time for bed 2:30 AM now n they STILL running about! will try to get pics of them I do not have camera,so will ask around!

kathy ryder
Feb 2, 2015

papillon owner

Hi everyone from maine and. I have a male and female papillon, just stopped to say hi and ill try n figure how to get there photo on here,

Patrice Vacca
Jan 25, 2015


1 of my piggies I got Jan 3rd evidentl was pregnant when I got her :/ she has gotten SO big,do not know how much bigger she can get without bursting! nor do I know how many piggies she is carrying,NOR do I know when she is due! am thinking probably with in the next 12 days....I HOPE :(

Patrice Vacca
Jan 19, 2015

small pets

went through the clubs but did not see any for small pets,started this so people can share stories about there own pets,they may be small,but they got BIG hearts!share your pics,stories and tid bits!