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A New group to share recipes and recipe links without all the chatter and conversations that goes on in other groups,,,, In those groups there are so many conversations going on you can not find the recipes.

Feel free to post as many recipes and recipe links as you wish but please keep the chatter to a smaller amount....

Welcome to the group and enjoying sharing recipes which is what this site is for anyway.

Gail New
Jan 22, 2015

What's Cooking

Anyone planning to cook anything special today?

Gail New
Jan 19, 2015

Baby Ruth Bars

My Mother-in-law gave me this recipe on my wedding day 30 years ago. It was my husband's favorite desert. I hope you will enjoy it also.. Very easy to make. Baby Ruth Bars

Gail New
Jan 19, 2015

Welcome Ladies

Dear Ladies, My name is Gail and I am the group moderator, I wanted to personally come by and welcome you to the group. I realize that a lot of people saw my post about "A Little Less Chatter and a lot more recipes" post that I made....

I did not mean to make anyone mad or offend anyone,, but some of the groups here on JAP have so much chatting that you can hardly find recipes that you are looking for.

I know, I know, you can always do a search for them,, but what if there are some recipes that you don't know about and they are hard to find? I have had this problem before have you?

I would like to have just a short paragraph about where you got your recipes from, are they freezable and the links to pinch them. I won't name any groups specifically but some of them are so confusing, that I hoped and thought that a simple group with just great recipe links would be great. Thank you all for joining my little group, I was afraid that everyone would not like a group like this and not want to join. It is a pleasure to have you here and I hope you will enjoy the group and let's share recipes easily and simply. Please feel free to reply, introduce yourself and tell me what you think of this new group.

Your new friend, Gail.

Dump cake


I know there are a lot of dump cakes on here, this is a link for the original from duncan hines. I followed the recipe exact. Im moving and cleaning out the pantry. Cant believe I had everything! It calls for chopped nuts on top (optional) I had some pecans in the freezer I toasted before adding! Wish Me luck, its in the oven now!!! ;)

P.S. Looking forward to being part of Your group!!!!

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Gail New
Jan 15, 2015

Welcome to the group.

Hello and welcome to Just Recipes and Recipe Links. It is my hope that in this group more recipes and recipe links as well as recipes with photos will be posted here.

I have noticed in the other groups that there is so much chatter and discussions going on that you can't find recipes hardly at all or who posted them or where they are from if you happen to find one.

Well, I hope to change that in this group. Please keep discussions to a minimum and post as many recipes as you wish..... Maybe this group we will see what recipes are being posted instead of having to swim through the unnecessary chatter.

I am available to assist you if you have any questions or would like to chat a little bit, but no long discussions about nonsense when recipes are what we are all looking for.

Enjoy the group, Gail, Group Moderator.