World Food Championships

Hosted by George Levinthal
Group active since Thu, Nov 20, 2014

A gathering of those Just a Pinchers who have competed at the World Food Championships and everyone who wants to qualify for future competitions.

George Levinthal
Oct 1, 2015

WFC 2015.

It's official, I'm going back to the WFC this year. I'm thrilled and congratulations to all of the other Just a Pinchers who have also qualified to go. Can't wait to see you all in Kissimmee in just a few weeks. Look out WFC, here we come. Thank- you Janet and all of JAP.

George Levinthal
Nov 20, 2014

An Amazing Experience

I just got back from Las Vegas and the 2014 World Food Championships and it was a very special time. And it wasn't just the cooking and competing that made it so special. I had the opportunity to meet many of the faces and names I've seen on numerous Facebook pages and on JAP. That alone was almost enough for me, but then to add in the competing part, and WOW, awesome. I have to thank our Janet and Meaghan Hickey who watched over all of us from JAP who were competing, cheering us on and making sure we had everything that we needed to present our best dishes. And when you're competing against professional chefs and restaurant owners, you need to have everything ready when that clock starts. Unfortunately I didn't fare as well as I thought I did, but, I've learned a lot and will use this as my launching pad to next year's WFC and hopefully better results.

If you attended the WFC this year, let's hear about your experiences and thoughts and if you're going to try and qualify again for 2015 in Florida. Happy Thanksgiving to all.