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Come one come all please feel free to join this is just one of those groups where you can come in ask a cooking question and have someone answer it, I will do the same if I do not know the answer I will research it until I do I check the site at least once a day so if your cooking and need an answer that day ill be here.

Connie Ottman
Feb 10, 2017

Cleaning post

I have misplaced the post concerning hints for cleaning different items. It was just posted the last few days. Could anyone guide me to the group this was posted in?

Thanks :-

Cindy Yurtin
Mar 29, 2016

scalded milk

Hi to All, please tell me, is it still necessary to scald and then cool milk before using it in some recipes??? Scalding was supposed to kill off some enzyme or something. That seems to be such an old-fashioned idea, and I read somewhere that procedure is no longer valid because today's milk processing is different than when these recipes were made. Does anybody have any input that may help me?

JM Avallone
Oct 22, 2015

pot roast and corning ware

now I have researched this if you can get good results from cooking pot roast in corning ware or not but I wanted to throw it out here anyway has anyone done this? I am wondering maybe I should wrap it in tin foil to keep in the moisture as those glass lids are not like a dutch oven

Mary Akis
Oct 14, 2015

I am so confused

I am not a huge cook or baker, but when I buy whipping cream in the carton I expect it to actually work when I used electric beaters..mine did barely kept it's form and the leftovers were watery.

I did rea dthat I should use heavy cream why is whipping cream marketed as whipping cream when it doesn't whip?

Claire Gage
Oct 14, 2015

Found moms receipe and not sure what it makes???

This is a recipe I found that my mom scribbled on a piece of paper. I think its some kind of cookie, but it has no shortening or butter or salt? Does anyone have any thoughts? I am not sure if she forgot things or if this is how it is made.

6 Med eggs Room Temp
1# sugar
Beat for 30 min
Add 1# flour ( more if needed)
Add 2 Tbsp #10 powder sugar, just stir in
Drop by spoonfuls onto greased pan
Bake 375-400 degrees

JM Avallone
Jun 29, 2015


was wondering what you thought of this recipe Amy, I was looking at your Kugel and I have made this sort of thing many times, so of course with husband out of town thought I would do some research on the topic, and found this site I think I might try it maybe in half do not have enough people to use a 9x13 I guess if one is in a hurry you could by those bags of pre-shreadded ones. this recipe shows a whopping 12 eggs to 8 taters.