Parrot and Reptile Lovers

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A place where you can share your stories, ask questions and receive personal advice about our birds and reptiles.I realize we may not be considered 'Professional" bird and reptile caregivers but our personal advice may help if you have a questiion.

My name is Judy, for my 70th birthday,as a gift I wanted a Bearded Dragon.My husband bought my Smeagol for me. I have to tell you, I haven't enjoyed a little pet as much as I'm enjoying my Beardie. Although we also have 3 dogs and 12 indoor cats we love and enjoy. A beardie is lovable,cuddly, quiet,and makes no mess in the house and asks for very little except love and companionship.
I have a 7 month old Bearded Dragon, 1 Cockatoo, 1 African Senegal, 1 Pineapple Conure, and 2 Parakeets.I thought it would be fun to start a conversation about Reptiles and Parrots.I'm always interested in stories and advice or questions about these little friends. If you have questions about any of them ask,and hopefully someone here will have answers.

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