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The name probably speaks for itself. This is a place to share recipes for pantry items that we might normally buy premade such as peanut butter or mozzarella cheese, etc. Sometimes it is less costly to "make it yourself", but sometimes it just tastes better. Sometimes, for various reasons, we want to have more control over the ingredients that go into our food. But then, some of us just find it a lot of fun to make these things ourselves!

Deb Stover
Nov 23, 2014

Substitution for Soy Sauce

I'm violently allergic to soy, but my family loves Asian food. So many recipes require soy sauce, it's a real stumbling block in my kitchen. I've tried mixing herbs and salt in vinegar, etc. It's not bad, but not quite right.

Has anyone come up with a homemade substitute for soy sauce that can be used in recipes?



Bonnie ^O^
Sep 23, 2014

Great new group, Cin!

This is a nice addition to JAP!

Catie B
Sep 22, 2014

Homemade mixes

Do you make your own mixes, rather than buy them from the store?

I.E. Your own ‘Bisquick’, your own yellow cake base, or maybe a pudding mix, or a other base from which you can make several other baked or cooked dishes?

I would like to hear from those who have made their own mixes, and maybe you can share one with the group? :)