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RV and camp cookery poses special challenges. Here is a place to discuss and share recipes, cooking and other topics pertaining to the traveling/camping lifestyle. All are welcome, from seasoned full-time veterans of the road, to those just dreaming of the possibility.

Karen Feinen
Nov 25, 2014

Update: We will be in our new motorhome in less than 2 weeks!

Right now I am packing up the majority of my kitchen and trying hard to figure out what will fit in my new kitchen and what I can do without. If anyone has experience they can share with me that will be helpful, I would love to hear it.

Soon I will have a better idea of what kind of recipes work best in this new little kitchen. We have a microwave, stove and oven. The oven is a bit smaller than standard so that will be interesting to work with. I think I will probably be using my slow cooker and bread machine much more because I'm not sure how much propane the oven uses. I am also thinking of investing in a good countertop oven such as a larger toaster oven.

Karen Feinen
Sep 24, 2014

Exciting News

Well, we've found our RV and go to the Credit Union to apply for financing tomorrow. The perfect RV just kind of fell into our laps. If all goes well, we will be moving out of our apartment and into the RV within the next couple months and then I will really be able to see how my RV kitchen works and what recipes work best in it! In the meantime, I would love to know how others cook in their little RV kitchens and any useful hints for RV cooking and living!

Nancy D
Sep 17, 2014

RV cooking

Hi Karen! Thanks for starting group! I found JAP while browsing for some good RV cooking ideas--easy with good leftovers? I've found a couple but haven't tried yet, and will post if they work out okay! A little new to both RV-ing and cooking, looking forward to new experiences!