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Pressure Cooking fits into our busy lives! Let's share our pressure cooker tips and recipes. Pressure cookers aren't just for canning!

Tess Geer
Sep 25, 2014

Pressure Cooking for Two

I think one of the really super advantages of a pressure cooker is the ability to cook a small amount of meat (say, a roast) for two. For empty nesters (that's me for five years now and I'm still recovering), that's important. I think too many people resort to prepared, grocery store food once they don't have the family to cook for. I have tried my best to avoid that but sometimes it's a challenge. Can anyone share their favorite recipes for two? I would so appreciate it!

Tess Geer
Jul 21, 2012

Osso Buco with Gremolata

This will taste like you are dining at a gourmet Italian restaurant! And it's so easy! The butcher at the grocery store can order veal shanks for you if they don't have them in stock. Pressure Cooker Osso Buco with Gremolata

Tess Geer
Jul 17, 2012

Pressure Cooker Veal Roast

The pressure cooker is SO great for roasts. If you know a butcher who does their own veal, ask them to set aside the breast for you. It's a lean cut of meat and can be tough but not in the pressure cooker! Everyone LOVES this recipe!
Pressure Cooker Veal Roast

Millie Johnson
Jul 17, 2012

a canning I will go !

Had a busy morning. I got up early to go to the farmers market. It's only twice a week and if you don't go early you'll be out of luck! Bought 2 gal. of concord grapes, 3 gallons of blackberries (my wild ones dried up this last dry spell), 1 gal. of blue berries and 30 dozen ears of sweetcorn ! After that I went to therapy for my knee for 2 hours ,then a quick dash into the grocery store. I'm taking a short break before I start processing everything. I am sooo glad that my hubby is off todat so he can help shuck the corn! Last time he was at work. Have a great day everyone!

kathy jo cullum
Jul 15, 2012


I have an electric pressure cooker, and right now it collects directions and still confused. What easy recipes is there for the cooker. Maybe all the confusion comes from years ago...When Mother canned or cooked, I heard, "stay away from it, it will blow up on you"

Theresa McLendon
Jul 15, 2012

Canning Turnip pickles

I am trying to find a recipe for canning Turnip pickles ,this is my first year growing these and my husband would love to help me do some canning ,plus I'm new at this pressure cooking and canning , veggies.
Thank you