Latin American Cooking

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This group includes the cooking of Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.

You Only Get What the Cook Likes - Tag Game!

I remember growing up, whenever we didn't think we'd like something, my grandfather would always say, "Just try it. You only get what the cook likes!" I didn't like that answer, but I never knew what he meant until I got older. It seems his mother died when he was only 11 and his older sisters had to drop out of school and take care of the house. They were not great cooks, apparently, and that was what their father told them.

For this game, you will tag a Latin American themed recipe that you've wanted to try either because it contains an unfamiliar ingredient or you've heard of it and weren't sure if you'd like it or not, or a recipe with an unusual (to you) preparation or cooking style.

You have two weeks to make the recipe and report back your experience, especially whether you liked it or not and why, so that we that we can get what the cook liked!

This group has recipe posted to it, but you can use any recipe, even one that you yourself have posted somewhere.

Annacia *
Aug 16, 2014

Hello' Hi and Where is Everyone

Hi All

I added some recipes for the group to start with.

Arty, it's wonderful to see and have you join us.