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Debbie Sue
Jul 7, 2017

Coconut Mango Pudding

Coconut Mango Pudding is the recipe of the day!!! My dad and Hubby just love it! Very easy to make too!

Ellen Bales
Jul 3, 2017


Our old friend Pookie, now known as Pepper, is celebrating Independence Day with his new family. Though he doesn't enjoy the fireworks all that much, he hopes that you and your families have a safe and happy bang-up Fourth of July!

From Pookie (Pepper) with love!

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Jeanne Gliddon
Jun 18, 2017

Let's all wish Cassie a very Happy Birthday today!!

Happy Birthday, Cassie! I hope you have a special day!

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Sharon Colyer
Jun 3, 2017


Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday like I said I would--just overwhelmed.

My husband passed away Friday morning at about 3:25 am. I'm pretty devastated. He seemed more or less fine on Sunday, then Monday morning, we think he had a seizure that affected his breathing & made him have a cardiac arrest. You could tell by his eyes he was brain dead. EMS revived him on the 2nd shock of the defibrillator & had a heartbeat. They did neurologic testing Thursday. We removed the ventilator that was breathing for him Thursday afternoon. He did breath on his own, but his breathing was very rough. He finally quit breathing altogether, about 3:25 am Friday morning. Nothing can prepare you for that loss--44 yrs.

Sharon Colyer
May 30, 2017

Husband Needs Prayers

Monday morning my husband had a serious heart attack & also has pneumonia. They are only giving him a 5% chance of survival. He seemed okay yesterday, but he had a mild fever for 3 days that would show up in the afternoon until evening. He wasn't coughing much for a person who smokes, so we didn't think it was serious. He had talked to our daughter-in-law about it, she is a dr. & didn't seem worried. We are so sad... Thanks for any prayers.

Ellen Bales
Apr 27, 2017


To wind down the evening, here is a blast from the past. How many of you remember this?