The Kitchen

Hosted by Maggie ^O^
Group active since Sun, Jul 17, 2016

This group is all about all foods from soups to nuts and everything in between.

We began as a soup group but there are so many wonderful things you can add to soups that it's time to expand to include other things too.

So please feel free to share your wonderful foods and your friendship.

Please keep in mind that we do have a few reasonable rules that we request everyone abide by.

We are a safe group !

Please be nice and be respectful.

Do not come into this group with a hidden agenda because we will not tolerate bullies or posers.

No pornographic images will be permitted.

Nothing political ... it never ends well.

There is a wonderful group already established where you are welcome to share any and all of your political cartoons or complaints and everyone is welcome to join God, Guns, and Constitution which is located at this link -

We are here for sharing and happiness so let's all gather around the table and enjoy a warm hearty bowl or plate of something great from your kitchen !

So share on .. we have plenty of room for everyone and anything that makes your mealtimes delicious and memorable !

Sherry Blizzard
Friday at 12:18 PM area question

I used to be able to see who is a JAP member in Fairbanks. I don't know how to do that anymore. I would like to start a "club" here in Fairbanks to get together, cook food and chat. Anyone know how to do that?

Maggie ^O^
Tuesday, June 11 at 8:02 AM

Hot Sides

It's picnic season !

We all have a few favorite hot side dishes.

You are asked to bring 1 or 2 hot side dishes ... what would you bring?

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Bobby (*_*)
Monday, June 10 at 2:24 PM


Would you mind be jointing the group Maggie?