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Wake up and smell the coffee!
A group created for all coffee lovers. Lets have a discussion about coffee. Lets share all our coffee recipes, whether it be a great tasting cup of joe hot or cold, or a favorite recipe using coffee.

Amy Herald
Yesterday at 8:48 AM

Good Morning!

Good morning coffee connoisseurs!

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Good Morning

Hello All!
Are You cranky before coffee?

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Debbie Sue
Aug 17, 2017


I am up.... I want coffee! I am staying at my MIL's. The kitchen is near her bedroom..... I don't want to wake her :(

Problem number 2: I like quiet time with my coffee. SHE TALKS NON-STOP..... AND ALL DAY TOO!


Ellen Bales
Aug 13, 2017


It's a gorgeous day here, sunny and 60 degrees. I am having my coffee on my balcony. I think this will be a favorite place to relax. Have a great Sunday, everyone!

Good Morning

Sorry to post and run.
Work is waiting.
Have a Blessed Day!

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